Fantasy Football Draft Recap: LeBron League 2.0

And we back! As usual its been awhile. There wasn't much I really wanted to write about. That's changing now though. The summer had some nice ebbs and flows to it. NBA Free agency was better than most of the 2017 playoffs. I haven't paid much attention to baseball. I'm a Tigers fan and they've been unwatchable this season. I watch Aaron Judge every chance I get though. That's not what this post is about. I love fantasy football. I don't remember the first year I played. I just know it was when LaDainian Tomlinson was a monster. So that could have been a lot of years. I only say that to establish I liked it before it was cool. It also might be because I am a Browns fan so I need a reason to watch football aside from them. Fantasy football is great because it combines real life football with Madden football in the sense that one can build the team they want to see. It also has some gambling elements in that we have no control over how our team plays aside fro…

2017 NBA Draft, Draft Diary: Volume One

(Quick Note if you've never read a piece like this. I started writing this at around 7:15 the night of the draft and it should be published at some point on Friday. It is my live reaction while watching the 2017 NBA Draft on ESPN) I hope you enjoy!

Well we are finally here! The NBA Draft is upon us. The first thing I see as I start watching is who else but LaVar and Lonzo Ball. Hopefully, I don't have to devout too much time to writing about Big Baller Brand tonight. People have said this draft will be the best we've seen in quite sometime. If anyone said that about what is now known as 'the Anthony Bennett draft' they shouldn't be allowed to cover the event. I haven't been able to watch the draft as it happens in a few years because I was away doing summer broadcasting internships. So to say I am ready to hear Jay Bilas say, "Wingspan." a bunch of times tonight would be a massive understatement.

7:30 EST - Welcome into the 2017 NBA Draft, Draft D…

2017 NBA Finals Preview

Well, I mean, we all saw this coming, right?

For almost a full calendar year people have been waiting for this years' NBA Finals. From the moment Kevin Durant's Players' Tribune article came out people have been ready for the finals. As ready as we have been for the finals; did we really think the lead up would be this anti-climatic? Yeah the Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards series went to seven. The Memphis Grizzles and San Antonio Spurs series gave us this:

We saw a sneak peak of what Giannis Antetokounmpo might be able to do for years to come. (I feel bad for the Milwaukee Bucks writers who have to write that name thousands of times a year)

Other than a couple individual performances I didn't include that's basically it. Plus, most of the great performances have been by players that we will see in the NBA Finals.

Let's analyze this as I do every year. I'll go by positions, but I'll jump around a bit.

Shooting guard:
Cavs - JR Smith
Warriors - Kl…

Changes That Need To Be Made For NBA 2K18

Well, as usual, it's been awhile. Never mind that.

As you can see if you've been following me for more than a day or two. (@TheLanceMorris) I love basketball. It's been my favorite sport since I was probably 11 or 12. I also have a passion for video games. The two came together in the game NBA Live 06. Yeah, I loved that game. I played it for multiple years. It even had a pretty solid soundtrack. I didn't have another basketball game for one of my consoles until I got NBA 2K9. At the time, being that NBA Live was the only basketball video game I had played when I did upgrade from the original Xbox to the Xbox 360 the game I wanted was NBA Live 09. My parents gave me those newspaper ads that had pictures of all the games, DVDs, electronics, etc. They told me to circle what I wanted in a couple different ads that we had. I of course circled NBA Live 09 and I remember specifically writing in black sharpie, "I want NBA Live not this 2K game." I was pretty clear a…

Post Draft Look at "LeBron" Fantasy Football League: Year Four

Well for once it actually hasn't been awhile. Weird.

Anyway I've been back from Alaska for two weeks or so and a couple things have been made clear to me.

Number one, darkness is awesome. As great as the sun is and as nice as sunlight is; Alaska made me miss darkness a whole lot.

Number two, Alaska needs to get a chipotle. Speaking as the man who went with his dad from the Detroit-Wayne County Airport to get it as soon as I returned home; Alaska needs a chipotle or two. I know you still have Blockbusters up there but how's about taking one of them out and putting a chipotle in? Come on, I guarantee you'll enjoy it.

Number three, fantasy football is, well

Well said, Peter! Fantasy football is freakin' sweet! It truly has become the dominant game in the fantasy sports world. Well there's also the one day fantasy leagues but those are the Andre to the true fantasy football season which is more like Raffi. Anyone have a pocket dog? I'm getting myself off track.