Friday, April 27, 2018

2018 NFL Draft Live Draft Diary of Round One

(Quick Note if you've never read a piece like this. I started writing this at around 7:35 the night of the draft and it should be published at some point on Friday. It is my live reaction while watching the 2018 NFL Draft on ESPN I hope you enjoy!)

(Extra Note, I somehow didn't check Twitter in case there were spoilers. Kudos to me!)

It is finally time. The draft is moments away from kicking off. I am a Browns fan and I'm not ready for my heart to get broken, again, at all. Oh, it's gonna be a long night. Are you ready? I'm not sure I am.

7:40 - Potential picks are being introduced. Josh Jackson, the cornerback from Iowa looks like he has the best dressed award locked up.

7:41 - How big is Jerry's world? My gosh.

7:55 - John Dorsey better know who he's taking.

7:57 - ESPN knows there's other players besides the quarterbacks, right? Trey Wingo, the draft hasn't even opened yet. Don't you tell me that the wait is over.

7:58 - I would like Josh Rosen a lot more if he didn't have two concussions last season at UCLA.

7:59 - Don't tell me to buckle up, and you most certainly won't call me buttercup. Your excitement sounds fake. I'm tired of him.

8:00 - I'm excited to hear Kirk Herbstreet on the draft with Jon Gruden gone to coach the Raiders.

8:01 - Mel Kiper Jr. is locked in. I don't know what is more impressive: the fact that he's never taken a bathroom break in all his years of covering the draft? Or that his hair hasn't moved an inch in all his years of covering the draft.

8:04 - Now Playing

8:05 - Oh, great, Roger Goodell... Is there a more hated commissioner? Sure seems like every commish is hated besides Adam Silver. Gary Betman is a joke and Rob Manfred had the worst interview in the history of commissioners.

8:07 - Boo birds out in full force.

The Browns are officially on the clock.

8:08 - Please talk shit about all of the past QB's, Wingo. What an easy target.

8:09 - I like Kiper's tie choice. Sharp.

8:10 - Nerves officially setting in. Don't mess it up. Please.

8:11 - Herbstreet likes Baker Mayfield. Not all that surprising when you consider how much he has seen of him in college. The Johnny Manziel comparisons are a joke by the way.

8:14 - Very happy to see Chris Mortensen on the coverage with all that he has went through.

8:15 - The pick is in. It feels like it will be Mayfield. Just my gut feeling.

8:16 - The feeling in my legs is going away.

8:17 - It's Mayfield. Wow.

8:18 - I was going to talk myself into whoever they ended up taking, but I was prepared for it to be Darnold. I watched him dominate an Ohio State Buckeye team early on in the college football season. There's no getting around how great he was in college. He won the Heisman last season. Heck, the man started as a walk-on. Hopefully he is the one to break the Browns cycle of awful quarterbacks...


8:22 - The New York Giants take Saquon Barkley with the second pick. Dave Gettleman may think he invented football but getting Barkley is a no brainer. The best running back to come out in a good while and the last few years are full of awesome running backs going in the first round.

Herbstreet called him the best back he's seen come out since Adrian Peterson. That sounds about right. People forget since he's washed now, but it was incredible watching him for some of those seasons with the Vikings.

8:24 - The New York Jets on the clock. Prior to today it sure felt like the Jets would be a landing spot for Mayfield. They have to get a QB. Where do they go now?

8:27 - Reminding the Jets that they could've had Dan Marino. Cold.

8:28 - I'm sick of Wingo.

The Jets take Darnold at three. The man everyone thought was going number one from the start of the college football season up until Mayfield's name was called. Damn, he has quite the family bloodline. The only one I knew about somehow was someone in his family being one of the original Marlboro men. I'm curious to see if the Jets can develop him. Funny how the last two quarterbacks the Jets take in the first round have both been USC guys. Remember this?

8:31 - The Browns are back on the clock. It feels like they take Bradley Chubb.

8:33 - Overall I am a fan of the coverage so far by ESPN. I hope they can stick with this group going forward. Wingo makes me miss this guy:

8:34 - Wingo, I identify Sal Pal more with the Eagles than the Jets. Get better at your job.

8:36 - The Browns take Denzel Ward at four! Let's go!!!! Ohio State is the real DBU with what they've been doing with defensive backs the last handful of years. Ward was so much fun in college. He tested well at the combine if you are in to that kind of thing. Ward isn't the biggest guy but most times he will be the fastest guy. Can't wait to see him in a Browns uniform.

8:41 - The Denver Broncos have their pick in. Who knows what they will do. I don't really know. I don't think they go QB. I also didn't think the Browns would take Ward.

8:43 - The Broncos take Chubb the defensive end out of N.C. State. Broke a bunch of Mario Williams records and he went number one overall. Pass rushers are such a key piece in the NFL with it becoming such a passing league. Best pass rusher by all accounts. Good pick for the Broncos.

8:45 - The Indanapolis* Colts already have their pick in. That didn't take long.

8:47 - The Colts take Quenton Nelson out of Notre Dame at six. The Fighting Irish offensive line was so good last year. Nelson was incredible. You have to be an incredible guard to go in the top ten of the draft. Go watch his tape and you'll see in about ten seconds why he's so good. Plus the Colts have had bad offensive lines since Peyton Manning had to have four neck surguries* behind them.

8:51 - The Tampa Bay Bucs take the pick to the Buffalo Bills. A quarterback named Josh is about to go off the board.

8:52 - Do i get a Mayfield jersey or a Ward jersey first?

8:53 - Two second round picks to go up to seven to get your quarterback? Not too high of a price tag at all.

8:54 - Wingo redeemed himself by making fun of Nathan Peterman.

8:55 - The Bills take Josh Allen, the quarterback from Wyoming after trading up to seven. Arm strength is probably the least of Allen's questions. I don't care about the tweets that came out earlier today. I chalk that more up to being a dumb, young kid than being a bad person. You have to look at those accuracy numbers and sound the alarm. At no level did he complete passes at a high rate. Pretty important as a quarterback, IMO.

8:57 - Billeve, huh?

8:59 - You guys got the joke in the last line about Josh Allen, right? Just checking.

9:00 - The Chicago Bears take Roquan Smith the linebacker from Georgia at number eight. No doubt the best linebacker in the draft. Jack of all trades and master of a couple. Good pick for the Monsters of the Midway.

9:03 - I've liked all the picks thus far. Well aside from Josh Allen. I don't think that he will be good. Stats matter, kind of, Wyoming.

9:05 -  The San Francisco 49ers take Mike McGlinchey another lineman from Notre Dame. I already told you how good the Notre Dame line was last year. He'll be a right tackle of the Niners for years to come. Maybe a tad early to take him but if you get a solid to pro bowl kind of guy then who cares?

9:08 - The Arizona Cardinals trade up to ten to presummably take a quarterback. Now we're starting to get some movement, and it's always about the quarterback.

9:09 - Shameless plug there for Golic & Wingo. Like there wasn't a billion ads for them before they started. Has anyone watched Greeny's show, Get Up, yet?

9:11 - The Cardinals haven't take a quarterback in the first three rounds since Matt Leinart? Damn, I'm getting old.

9:13 - The Cardinals take Josh Rosen after trading up to ten. I think he would've been the first overall pick if there weren't injury issues. It is all about the injury concerns with Rosen. I like how smart he is. I like how confident he is, but if he gets another concussion. Maybe he starts to wonder if he wants to keep playing football? I couldn't blame him.

9:14 - He likes Elon Musk?

9:18 - The Miami Dolphins Minkah Fitzpatrick is the pick at eleven. I am very surprised he slipped so far. Early in the process he was in the discussion to go to the Browns at four and maybe even higher than that. That versatility is the key for him. He was a safety and was a corner at times too.

9:21 - The Bucs back on the clock after trading back from seven. I get the feeling they go Derwin James from Florida State.

9:24 - The Bucs take Vita Vea from Washington. His full name is a mouthful. A giant defensive tackle. That is quite the defensive tackle combo putting him next to Gerald McCoy. Vea can play the one or the three and heck can play defensive end at times if you really want him to go outside a bit. The Bucs needed a defensive player without a doubt but I thought they would take James because that secondary was, well, really bad.

9:28 - Someone has to trade up if they want to get Lamar Jackson. He can't fall forever.

9:29 - Damn right that's on you, Wingo. (He thought the Washington Professional Football team traded to the 13th pick when that's what they already had.)

9:31 - Washington takes Da'Ron Payne at thirteen. Once again they go with a defensive tackle from Alabama in the first round. Sure seems like most of the Alabama defensive players pan out. Offensive players... Not so certain.

9:32 - Saint trade up to the fourteen spot!!!! This has to be Lamar Jackson.

9:40 - The New Orleans Saints go up to fourteen to get, wait what? They take Marcus Davenport, pass rusher from UTSA. Wow. They have to be extremely high on him to give up next years first round pick. I 100% thought they were going up to get Jackson. I'm more shocked at this pick than the Browns taking Mayfield.

9:45 - The Raiders about to announce their selection of Kolton Miller, offensive lineman from UCLA at the fifteen pick. Not quite the player McGlinchey but he's six foot nine. That's a big boy.

9:46 - The Buffalo Bills trade up to sixteen. Second time they are trading up. Okay I see you Orchard Park!

9:48 - Maybe Lamar Jackson will fall forever

9:50 - They grab Tremaine Edmunds the linebacker from Virginia Tech. I thought he might go closer to ten. He's sooooo young. Not even twenty years old yet.

9:53 - Cue the Bon Jovi

9:56 - Wingo, you don't give out fines. These guys do.

9:57 - The LA Chargers take Derwin James from Florida State. Perfect pick for the Chargers. Offense is pretty set. Defense just needs some fine tuning. I can't believe he feel so far.

9:59 - The Packers trade up to the 18th pick. They have to be coming back up for a skill guy.

10:04 - Jaire Alexander from Louisville the pick for the Packers. They traded away Damarious Randall in the off-season and needed to get a replacement from him and Alexander was electric for the Cardinals.

10:13 - The Dallas Cowboys take Leighton Vander Esch the linebacker from Boise State. One of my favorite guys in the draft after reading up on him. Eight man football. Eight man football. I thought I was from a small town. So happy for him. Another guy that started as a walk-on. How about that?!

10:19 - It would be nice if I could hear Louis Redick at some point. That is kind of an issue.

10:20 - The Detroit Lions take Frank Ragnow a center from Arkansas. I thought they'd get a good running back for the first time since Barry Sanders. Well at least a decent one. Patricia, you laminated playsheet with a pencil fraud. For those that read my mock draft, which was way more funny than it was accurate.

10:22 - Live reaction from my good friend, Phil Holtz. He happens to be a Lions Fan...

(Extra Update) He calmed down a bit on Friday Afternoon:

10:25 - The Cincinnati Bengals make a good pick grabbing Billy Price from Ohio State. Dude was awesome for the Buckeyes. O-H!

10:31 - The Titans grab Rashaan Evans, linebacker from Alabama. Bama guys all over the damn place.

10:36 - Tomorrow morning is going to come waaaaaaay too early.

(Update: it did come too early. Damn you, NFL Draft!)

10:37 - Wingo just said #SmallSample. Someone come get their mans.

10:39 - The New England Patriots take Isaiah Wynn from Georgia. Big shocker. A pick from them that makes sense. THEY ALWAYS MAKE SENSE.

10:45 - The Panthers finally get a wide out off the board and take DJ Moore from Maryland. Odds are you guys probably probably threw him a pass or two last season. All of their quarterbacks went down, and the guy still put up good numbers. And watch this play:

10:53 -  The Ravens take Hayden Hurst the tight end from South Carolina. Pretty upset he is going to be in my division for the future. I don't care that he is older than almost every other pick. He isn't this old:

10:58 - Calvin Ridley the pick for the Atlanta Falcons at pick twenty-six. Two Bama wideouts for the Falcons. That could be somewhat unfair.

11:05 - The Seahawks take Rashaad Penny from San Diego State. Uhhhh, No Sony Michel or Darrius Guice?

11:07 - How the hell is Lamar Jackson still available?

11:12 - The Steelers about to make their pick. It's great to see Ryan Shazier walk out there. Even if he's struggling a bit to walk. That hit he took didn't even look like anything out of the ordinary:

Unbelievable. Everybody choking up right now.

Terrell Edmunds from Virginia Tech goes to them at pick twenty-eight. You may recognize his name. His brother is was pick number sixteen. I wonder how many brothers have gone in the first round. There can't be any that have each gone in the first in the same draft. I know the Manning brothers each went number one. The Watt brothers each went in the first. That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

11:17 - ESPN confirms it's the first time ever that brothers have gone in the same draft in the first round.

11:18 -  The Jaguars take Taven Bryan the defensive tackle from Florida at pick number twenty-nine.

11:22 -  The Vikings take one of my other favorite corners, Mike Hughes from National Championship winner, UCF.

He had some issues in college but the talent is there without any doubt.

11:28 - Patriots fans with Tom Brady Jerseys grab their jersey and say, "five more years." You know how old Tom Brady is, right?

11:29 -  The Patriots take Sony Michel at thirty-one. First time they've taken a running back that high in like ten years.

11:33 -  The Ravens traded with the Eagles to get the last pick of the first round, AND TAKE LAMAR JACKSON!


Thank you, as always, for taking the time to read this!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

2018 Joint NFL Mock Draft with Phil Holtz

Below is a back and forth between Phil Holtz and myself doing an NFL Mock Draft that takes place over a couple days. Maybe it was a week or so? I’m not sure. The days all run together.

Lance Morris: Hey Phil, the draft is coming up soon. I know you have some scalding hot takes on who should be drafted where? Well at least I’m thinking that you do.

Phil Holtz: Hey Lance, I’m looking forward to this and I’m sure we will run into that at some point. That’s why I’m excited about this tandem draft. No idea what the other will do.

LM: Remember when you kept telling me that it was worse being a Lions fan because they went 0-16 even though the Browns have only made the playoffs one time in my life? Well, uh, the Browns went 0-16 too…PH: Yes...yes I do remember that well. That’s why I’ve always had respect for the Browns and most of their fans because they are the only fan base that can understand the frustration for the most part.

LM: I mean I knew the Browns would be bad this past season, but I didn’t think they’d go 0-16 until November or so.

PH: Yeah, I can imagine it being very brutal, but at least your starting quarterback didn’t run out the back of his own endzone for a safety.

LM: Peep Dan Orlovsky’s Twitter Bio

PH: I have seen it before, and it is great. Well, shall we get started my friend?

LM: Probably a good idea. For the second straight year, the Browns have the number one overall pick. Last year, it was a no brainer to take Myles Garrett. The rest of the draft could’ve gone a little better.

PH: Myles Garrett was definitely the heavy favorite to go with the first pick overall, and he definitely showed flashes as to why he was the #1 pick.

LM: The Browns actually made moves in the off-season too! Getting Jarvis Landry and Tyrod Taylor (who is already the best Browns QB they’ve had in my lifetime), Damarious Randall from the Packers. They made some moves!

PH: I was in complete shock when the Browns made those moves because it was totally unlike the Browns because the moves MADE SENSE. Landry is obviously a very good receiver, and putting him in a group with Corey Coleman and Josh Gordon could cause problems for opposing defenses. They also got Njoku, whom we haven’t seen play a whole lot, but the consensus is that he can be a very good player. The issue was always that the Browns either had receivers or a quarterback, but never both so you never truly knew what to make of them. But now with Tyrod, that’s a legitimate offense. More importantly, they were able to get those playmakers, along with Randall, all while keeping the #1 and #4 overall picks.

LM: Exactly right. Now from all I’ve seen they are coming down to a decision between two of the quarterbacks. Either Sam Darnold from USC or Josh Allen from Wyoming. I see the Browns not overthinking it and going with Darnold. Kind of similar to last year there was a smoke screen saying they’d take Mitch Trubisky over Myles Garrett and they ended up going with Garrett. Granted they played different positions but it feels similar as a way to maybe throw off some of the teams beneath them. Who knows? Maybe a team will trade up like last year

PH: I definitely would agree with that pick and reasoning. Even though it does sound like the Browns are extremely high on Josh Allen. For proof, just search “Browns Josh Allen” and see for yourself. I think he would be the more “exciting” pick, but Darnold is the smart pick. Now again it is the Browns, but so far from what we’ve seen, this is unlike any other Browns offseasons that we’ve seen. We will see what their decision is on draft day.

LM: Be sure to tune in on April 26th to see if the Browns mess it up! With Darnold off the board at #2; what do you think the New York Football Giants, as Dave Gettleman calls them every single time he goes to a podium, do at number two?

PH: There has been a lot of talk about what the Giants will do because they need an array of positions filled. A very tempting pick would be Saquon Barkley, the running back from Penn State. One of the most electrifying players that we’ve seen in a long time. However, with Eli Manning on the tail end of his career, I think they take their next guy under center. The debate is between Allen and Josh Rosen from UCLA and many people interchange of who should go first. Being New York and being a franchise that likes to stay pretty safe with their picks, I think they take Josh Rosen. Also with the Beckham controversy ruling their headlines, I think they take Rosen, so they don’t have another big question mark. They have the most important position taken care of then, and can focus on the rest of their needs after. Up next is the other New York team, the Jets. What do they do next Lance?

LM: It’s interesting that the Jets moved up to the third spot early on in the off-season from six. That tells me they have their eye on someone that should be there at three, but may not be there at six. I think we see three quarterbacks go in the first three picks and the Jets take Heisman Trophy winner and former walk on, Baker Mayfield. Mayfield was electric in college, love him or hate him. Everyone knows what he did after Kansas disrespected him at mid-field for the coin toss: 

I still believe he is the kind of player that can change the Jets future. They have to take a QB unless they think Teddy Bridgewater is the answer. Bridgewater though hasn’t played in two years after that gruesome injury he suffered a couple years ago. The Jets have never had a truly great quarterback. The best they’ve ever had brought them a Super Bowl Title but he threw more interceptions than touchdowns.

PH: The Jets are the kind of franchise that would take that chance, and I think it goes one of two ways. Really good or really bad. As a player, he is very passionate about the game and is a very good player, which is what you want, but what NFL General Managers will have to ask themselves is does the good outweigh the bad? One thing is for certain though; all eyes would be on the New York Jets yet again.

LM: This would be also the best outcome for the Browns if both the New York teams take a quarterback. That would leave all of the great skill position and other great players there for the taking. The Browns at number four have to take the best player out there, and the best player in the draft is the running back out of Penn State, Saquon Barkley. He was absolutely electric at Penn State. There’s no other way to put it. He put himself on a short list of some of the best running backs I’ve ever seen in college. For a few years the trend was to stay away from running backs early in the draft and wait and get one because of how short their career can be. Last year was a great example of late round guys being electric (Kareem Hunt and Alvin Kamara), but the early picks the last couple of years have been awesome. Those guys: Todd Gurley, Ezekiel Elliott, and Leonard Fournette. He’ll fit right in and be a stud right away for the Browns and I would be more excited for Browns football than I probably have been in my entire life. 

PH: Running backs have been awesome these past few years when drafted early on in the draft. I have a hard time believing that won’t continue with Barkley. To me, he was the kind of guy that as soon as he touched the ball you perked up a little bit because of what he could do on the field. Also I don’t want to jump to conclusions or place unneeded expectations, but I’ve heard many comparisons of Barkley to one of the greatest to ever do it, Barry Sanders. I think that he will be a great player. Also that tandem of Barkley and Carlos Hyde would be awesome to watch. So if your predictions are right, their offense will consist of Darnold, Barkley, Hyde, Njoku, Coleman, Gordon, and Landry. That’s a fun offense right there.

LM: I hope that I’m right. I really, really do. The Denver Broncos took a step back last year and they have the fifth pick in the draft. What do you see happening with them?

PH: Well the Broncos got their quarterback in Case Keenum in free agency and still have Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas. Now they have to make sure that Keenum stays upright. To do this, I think that they address the offensive line by drafting the guard from Notre Dame, Quenton Nelson. This would be a safe pick, as many people are very high on Nelson and it’s always a good idea to get your new quarterback protection when trying the throw the football and getting your running back lanes to run through. I think that this pick would make a lot of sense. I could also see them going towards the defensive line, but there aren’t many prospects that are projected to go this high. Now it’s time for the Colts. Lance, what do you see them doing?

LM: Well we are going to run into our first collision. Because I think if he falls to six that the Colts take Nelson as soon as they can. He is the best guard prospect in a long, long time. But for this exercise he is now off the board. With Nelson gone I think the Colts go Bradley Chubb, the edge rusher from NC State. Best pass rusher in the draft by all accounts. He is one of the players that has been slated at going to Indianapolis even when they were still going to pick at three. He is going to be able to slide in on the Colts defensive line seamlessly with his ability to rush the quarterback .

PH: Sorry I had to steal your thunder there because they do need line help to keep Luck healthy. Now for the Bucs. With the spot that they are at and the needs that they have, there are limited options, so that they don’t reach too much. That’s why I think they take the safety, Minkah Fitzpatrick from Alabama. He has a great story to tell, and is just a great athlete and player. He would join a group that would consist of Vernon Hargreaves, Brent Grimes, and Chris Conte. I think he would be a great fit there, and it would really help that secondary, which is already solid.

LM: Fitzpatrick would be a much welcomed addition to the Bucs secondary. Considering they had the worst defense in the NFL last year by most rankings. Now the Bears went through some growing pains last year, but did have some nice wins against the Steelers and the Panthers. Plus they have a new coach coming in for Coach Pink Face. 

Where do you think they look to go in the draft?

PH: Being a Lions fan, I find myself at odds taking a punter right here. For the sake of the draft, I won’t do that. Looking at who’s available and the needs of the Bears, I think that Roquan Smith at linebacker from Georgia would make a lot of sense. Looking at their depth, the right side of their linebacking corps is already solid with Danny Trevathan and Leonard Floyd, but in a 3-4 defense you can always draft more linebackers and I think that pick could help them out a lot as a unit and it would help sure up the opposite side for them.

LM: Now let’s look at the San Francisco 49ers. I think they could go a couple different ways. They got an absolute steal by getting Jimmy Garoppolo for a second round pick so they still have this top ten pick. I think they go with a linebacker as well. The 49ers will take Virginia Tech LB Tremaine Edmunds. The days of the Niners having one of the top linebacking corps are long gone since they had guys like Patrick WIllis and Navorro Bowman. Edmunds was a standout player for Va Tech last year and he can help bring back the Niners to having a really good defense. 

PH: Up next, the Oakland (soon to be Las Vegas) Raiders. Like the 49ers, I think the Raiders could go a couple different directions. In this case, I see the Raiders adding to their defense, with arguably the best corner in the draft, with Denzel Ward from Ohio State. This would add to an already solid defense with Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin at the linebacker spots and Ward would join fellow Buckeye Gareon Conley, Reggie Nelson, and Karl Joseph. I think that he would be a great addition to this group and would only strengthen their defense. This was already a solid team last year, and with their off-season additions, they will only get better. 

LM: Yet again the Raaaaaiders (Chris Berman Voice) go with an Ohio State DB. 

PH: Well played my friend. Now tell us all what the Jarvis Landry-less Miami Dolphins will do. 

LM: Ah, the Miami Dolphins. What a cluster f*ck that season was. I mean do i need to say more than this? But good on them for doing this. They brought Jay Cutler out of retirement who hasn’t been good in… Has he really ever been good? Ryan Tannehill got hurt again and that didn’t help matters either. Not to mention as you said, no Landry, no Suh and they gave away Jay Ajayi who’s probably about a top ten running back. Where do the Fins go? I see the Dolphins replacing Suh with Vita Vea, NT, from Washington. I mean just look at him: 

Dude’s built like a Mack Truck. Gamechanger on the defensive line.

PH: Yeah, he's a guy you wouldn't want to be on his bad side. I think about the Longest Yard scene, “If we have to cut him, you're doing it” type deal. I've seen a lot of up and down with him in mocks. I've seen him as high as 10 or as low as mid 20’s, but we'll see. Up next we have the Bills. No Sammy Watkins and no Tyrod Taylor anymore, so where do they go from here?

LM: They were a weird team last year. Before the season they looked like a tanking candidate with the trade of Watkins that you mentioned. They also traded Marcell Dareus during the season too. Not to forget about the random benching of Tyrod Taylor for Nathan Peterman who just came in to throw pick after pick. The Bills would be thrilled if the draft shook out this way. I have the Buffalo Bills taking Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming. That’s how weird this draft is. We could see Allen go as high as number one or slip down the first round. Someone else slipped in the draft. But so did this guy and this guy. I’ve heard a lot of things about Allen since he is rumored to be a Browns selection. He is a guy that could go in a lot of different directions where someone like Darnold is looking more like a sure thing. There’s a chance Allen slips to this point, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see them find a way to move up and not leave it up to the chance of Allen being there.

PH: I think the Bills would be ecstatic if he slipped that far, but as you said, this draft is weird and that is a real possibility. Now looking at the Washington Redskins. These guys also have many gaps that they need filled, so I think they look at the best at one of those positions in this draft. That's why I have them taking the receiver, Calvin Ridley from Alabama. This would fill a need and get new quarterback, Alex Smith a weapon to use in the passing game. 

I could also see them trading down and taking a guy like Derrius Guice from LSU, which would still fill a need, while getting more picks, but we are assuming they stay where they're at, so that's my pick for this team. 

LM: Getting a playmaker on the outside from Bama never seems like a bad call. There’s a reason i said on the outside. The Packers may or may not have been burned by someone who looked awesome in college before:

The Packers didn’t make the playoffs because of Aaron Rodgers going down with an injury. They were exposed though for how good Rodgers made some of those pieces look. 

PH: Yeah, Alabama running backs almost never pan out, with the exception of Mark Ingram. If I'm missing some then please tell me. Plus when your running back is walking around looking like a lineman, that's not a great strategy. But nonetheless, the Packers are made some good moves in the off-season by getting Muhammad Wilkerson and Jimmy Graham, but they did lose Jordy Nelson. What's next for them Lance?

LM: Well technically, Alvin Kamara started his career at Alabama. Derrick Henry has been good for Tennessee. T.J. Yeldon has been alright for the Jags even though he’s not a top running back. Kenyan Drake did pretty well and had some good games for the Dolphins after they traded Ajayi. Glen Coffee might see the field again. Trent Richardson wasn’t very good either. I think that covers all recent Bama running backs. 

Looking ahead to what the Packers might do in the draft. They should add to the defense since Rodgers can make anyone look great on the offensive side of the ball. They traded away Randall to the Browns in the offseason so i think corner is a big need for them. I have them taking Josh Jackson, the cornerback from Iowa. He lit it up against Ohio State this past season; I wouldn’t go just off of that game but he stood out in a crazy game that the Buckeyes lost by 31 and eventually kept them out of the college football playoffs. 

PH: Being a Lions’ fan, that is the one area that I felt comfortable was our passing game, so while I hope they don't address it, that would be a good call. Now the Cardinals have a few spots that they could go with here. Offensive line and receiver for this team are 2 spots they could definitely go, but nobody really stands out to me. I really debated Lamar Jackson here, and while I think he's a strong possibility, I'm thinking they go after defensive end, Marcus Davenport from UTSA. He would fill a need on that defensive line for sure after Arizona finished in the bottom half among sacks last season. His sack count and tackles for loss have increased every year that he played in college, including 17.5 tackles for loss last year and 8.5 sacks. That's pretty solid production, and some that would be welcomed to that defense.

LM: Davenport is one guy that has benefited so much from all the coverage they get. He was unheard of before this process started. What’s gonna happen in Baltimore?

PH: I sound like a broken record yet again, but I think Baltimore can go many different ways here. They could give Flacco a weapon, protect Flacco with a lineman, and a few other things. In this scenario I think they take Sam Hubbard from Ohio State.

In college he played defensive end and some scouts think he could possibly play some linebacker, similar to what Jadeveon Clowney did when he got drafted by Houston. Luckily for Baltimore, both of those positions are areas where they could improve, so it's almost a case of knocking out two birds with one stone. That would be another piece that would strengthen what Baltimore is known for...defense. Next up is the Chargers, where do they go with the 17th pick?

LM: The Chargers actually have a lot of nice pieces. Phillip Rivers is still a pretty good quarterback. Keenan Allen was awesome last year. Hunter Henry is a top tier tight end. Plus they got Mike Williams from Clemson who was banged up last year was really fun to watch with Deshaun Watson throwing him the ball. I have the LA Chargers going with Derwin James, safety from Florida State. The Seminoles have been producing a lot of great players over the last couple of seasons and soon they’ll be adding James to that list of top recent players from FSU. 

PH: That would be a great pick for them, giving them a complete set in the secondary with Eric Weddle, Brandon Carr, and Jimmy Smith. I approve of this prediction. 

LM: Now the Seahawks will be looking like a different team this coming season with all the changes they’ve been making especially on the defensive side. The Legion of Boom is officially no more with the departure of Richard Sherman. Oh and while I’m at it...

I think they need to get someone on defense. I have the Seattle Seahawks taking Mike Hughes, cornerback from the National Championship winner, UCF. Hughes was one of a couple players that helped UCF go from not winning a single game to being undefeated last year. It might be a tad early to take the sometimes troubled cornerback. That is how he ended up at UCF after starting his career at North Carolina. He could be a top flight corner in the league if he stays out of trouble. 

PH: Central Florida should have made the playoffs, but we'll save that for another day. Hughes would help fill a need with the cornerback position in Seattle. Another knock on him could be his 40 time, being clocked at 4.53. That can be misleading though because game speed is much different than a straight line sprint. I like the pick. 

LM: Agreed about the 40 time being misleading. Plus he’s a dynamic returner too.

PH: Now it's time for “America’s Team”, the Dallas Cowboys. Even with the release of Dez Bryant, they are still good on offense with Ezekiel Elliott, Jason Witten, Cole Beasley, Terrance Williams, Dak Prescott (the general consensus), and the best offensive line in football. With that said, I have Dallas adding to their defensive line by selecting Da’Ron Payne from Alabama. He only had one sack, but he was the leader on the Alabama defensive line, which is almost always great at stuffing the run. He also had an interception and 3 pass breakups. That's a great trait for a defensive lineman, being able to get their hands up to bat down passes at the line. 

LM: It would be the second straight season the Cowboys took a defensive lineman after taking Taco Charlton last year. Beefing up the D-Line is never a bad call.

PH: Now it's my favorite, yet disappointing team, the Detroit Lions. They addressed a few needs in free agency, including new head coach Matt Patricia. He comes from the New England tree of GM Bob Quinn. While it hasn't been announced yet, with their free agency signing trends, it seems that they will be switching to a 3-4 defense. Almost all of their signings have been defense, so I think they go offense by taking the running back from LSU, Derrius Guice. They did sign LeGarrette Blount in free agency, but I don't think he, nor Theo Riddick or Ameer Abdullah, is a lead back. They all have specialties, but none are an every down back. It is also a New England staple of having a company of running backs at their disposal.

LM: Before we go on to the Bengals pick. How do you feel about this laminated play sheet but has a pencil behind his ear fraud, Patricia?

PH: He comes from a winning organization, and it seems like Quinn has a plan and he's done well so far. I approve this hire. 

LM: Fair enough. Now the Bengals bring back Marvin Lewis for the 55th year in a row. I can confidently say they will not win a playoff game this coming season. I mean why would this year be any different for a Lewis led team? Anyway, the Bengals added offense through the draft early last year with John Ross and Joe Mixon. So I’d think they stay away from those spots. I have the Cincinnati Bengals taking Mike McGlinchey, Tackle from Notre Dame. He helped make the Fighting Irish line into one of the best units in the country and he’d be the second from that unit to go in the first round. Last year the Bengals had one of the worst lines in the league. They added a little to the line in the off-season, but this will allow them to keep building on a line that was bad a year ago. They need a better line to give Andy Dalton any chance of success. Does he still look like a character from the 90s cartoon, Doug?

PH: Oh. My. Goodness. The resemblance is staggering. I do like that pick, especially in a division where the defenses bring solid pressure. Now the Bills are up with their 2nd pick of this first round. Their first pick, you projected them selecting Josh Allen at quarterback, so I think they invest in a little insurance by taking Billy Price from Ohio State to add to that offensive line. I think it’s too risky to not do that, especially since Buffalo was 1 sack away from giving up the second most sacks in the NFL last year. 

LM: Price was a key component on the Buckeyes line for the last few seasons and will be a big addition wherever he lands. Now this is where the draft gets interesting. 

The New England Patriots were in the Super Bowl last year even though they had injuries all over the place and their defense stunk. I think they are going to do something crazy. Why else would Seth Wickersham have wrote this? Granted a lot of things would have to stay in place. They would have to not trade their pick (they usually do), they would need this guy to fall in the draft (he might), and they would need him to be willing to learn and do some different things. I have them taking... I hope you’re ready for this…I don’t think you’re ready for this… 

Yes, I have the New England Patriots taking Lamar Jackson, QB from Louisville. While you pick your jaw off the floor. He has been the best college football player the last two seasons. He’s the best athlete at QB since Cam Newton, and he’s the fastest QB since RGIII. He ran a pro style system under Bobby Petrino. Put him in the right system where he can learn for a year or two and he will light the league on fire. And give Bill Belichick an athlete like this and he will find a spot on the field for you. He has put guys in positions they’ve never played before and allowed them to succeed. Give him Lamar Jackson? That would be the best toy to play with in the league. The last time they drafted a QB that high would be Jimmy G in the second round in 2014. They have to get a QB to replace Brady at some point since they gave away Jimmy G. Why not get a guy as electric as Jackson?

PH: I'm not gonna lie, that idea crossed my mind as well. The only thing is why would you trade Garoppolo, just to draft a first round quarterback? Weirder things have happened though. We will see on draft night. As for the Carolina Panthers, I think their main concern is with the secondary. My guess is that they go with cornerback, Jaire Alexander from Louisville. Last year his season was cut short with injury, but they absolutely need help with the secondary, and he might be their best option there at corner. He did run a 4.3 at the combine, and I did mention that technique is more important than speed at corner earlier, but that's fast. I think that he can help them there. 

LM: Two straight Louisville picks would be pretty nuts. Now let’s look at the Tennessee Titans. Ugh, the lamest team in the NFL. HOW DO YOU WIN A PLAYOFF GAME BUT NEED OVERTIME TO BEAT A CRAPPY, WINLESS BROWNS TEAM? I digress. Another team that has pieces. Marcus Mariota and Derrick Henry on Offense. Corey Davis will be awesome when he is healthy. He had two touchdowns against the Patriots in the playoff game (his only two TDs of the season by the way) and one of those catches was nasty. The defense got better with additions through free agency and I really like the coaches they brought in. They will go defense with their pick. I have the Titans taking Leighton Vander Esch, Linebacker from Boise State. They need linebackers and Vander Esch is a good one. He was good against the pass and against the rush and was the Mountain West Defensive Player of the Year in his first year as a starter. He may need some time to develop but has a good 6-4 frame and looks to be a real asset on defense. Robert Mays, from The Ringer, did an awesome deep dive on Vander Esch that you can read here.

PH: They are definitely a team that's only getting better, and they have done well recently with their draft picks. And now the Atlanta Falcons. They are a team, like the Titans, that have weapons on offense, but not so much defensively. That's why I have them selecting Taven Bryan from Florida with their pick. He finished last year with 40 tackles, 6 for loss, and 4 sacks. A solid season for an individual on a team that was disappointing to say the least. They really need defensive players, and I think he helps with that. 

LM: Now, let’s look at the New Orleans Saints. They were a missed tackle away from advancing to the NFC Championship Game. Sorry Saints fans…

Now they have a bunch of talent on both sides of the ball for the first time in the Drew Brees/ Sean Payton Era. With Drew Brees being a bit long in the tooth they have to be in win now mode. That’s why I have the Saints drafting another playmaker for Brees and taking Hayden Hurst, tight end from South Carolina. It is a perfect pick for the win now Saints. Hurst is not the biggest tight end at 6-4, but he is as sure handed as they come. He dropped just one pass for the Gamecocks. He is an older guy because he started his career as a baseball player. Once that path was no longer an option he walked on at South Carolina and set records as a tight end. I don’t think he’s really comparable to Jimmy Graham so don’t think that he will be that kind of force since we tend to think of the ex-basketball players turned tight end. He is a different kind of player. His comparison is more like Dallas Clark and he was never a star, but he was a really good player and I look at Hurst as a guy cut from a similar cloth. 

PH: We all know what Brees can do with a good tight end. Up next, the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is a team that always seems to go defense in the first round, but I'm going out on a limb here and going the offensive route. I believe that Le’Veon Bell's threats of not playing this year are real, and I don't think the Steelers want to have James Connor and Fitzgerald Toussaint as their only options. That's why I think they take Sony Michel running back from Georgia. Last year he averaged almost 8 yards a carry, 1,227 yards, and 16 touchdowns in the SEC. That's why I think he goes here. 

LM: It would be very interesting if the Steelers call Bell’s bluff and draft his replacement. Especially if they did so in the first round. I think they might wait a round or two to draft a running back since that’s been a trend most of the league and the Steelers themselves have followed. Nonetheless would be a big addition to their backfield. What do you the Jacksonville Jaguars look to do at 29? 

PH: The Jaguars were the surprise of the league last year, being only 1 game away from playing in the Super Bowl. It still feels weird to even say that! That being said, I think they go defense by taking linebacker, Rashaan Evans out of Alabama. Evans had a good year last year, racking up 66 tackles, 11.5 for loss, 6 sacks, a forced fumble, and he broke up 3 passes. The guy did it all and was a jack of all trades. I think he's a good value pick at this slot. 

LM: Blake Bortles is still trash. I love you, Chris Simms, and your list of quarterbacks.

The Minnesota Vikings surprised a lot of people by making it to the NFC Championship game with Case Keenum. Not to forget Dalvin Cook was a great running back for what we got to see of his rookie year before going down with an ACL tear. They have one of the best receiver tandems in the league. They added Kirk Cousins at a hefty price tag. Their defense has some nice pieces too. Great linebacking core and they’re pretty good in the secondary and on the defensive line too. The pick for the Minnesota Vikings is Isaiah Wynn, guard from Georgia. He helped their running game tremendously and would be a great add to that line. 

PH: Now back to the New England Patriots. Not very often that they have 2 first rounders, let alone coming off of a trip to the Super Bowl, yet here we are. Had a shocker with their first pick taking Lamar Jackson, but now we look to the defense with this pick. They like to run a 3 safety defensive scheme, so I see them taking Ronnie Harrison from Alabama at safety. He had a solid year last year. Alabama lost in the National Championship, but Harrison had a great impact on defense. He finished with 74 tackles, 2.5 sacks, 3 interceptions, and he batted another 4 passes. He would help that Patriots defense that got shredded in the Super Bowl by this guy:

They need to add somebody to try and help with the defense, and he could do just that. 

LM: Now let’s look at the reigning Super Bowl Champions. The Philadelphia Eagles led by Carson Wentz*, Nick Foles. Who’d have thought Nick Foles would ever win a Super Bowl? Anyway, they are of course going to try to repeat as Super Bowl Champions, duh. They have the ability to take basically whatever position they want to cap the first round. I don’t think they really need a running back especially this early. The defense was rock solid too. I think they add another wideout. I have the Eagles taking DJ Moore, receiver from Maryland. The turtles had a small carousel at quarterback after having multiple QB’s tearing their ACL’s. They showed something to start the year when they dominated Texas in their first game under smart guy, Tom Herman. Oh and Moore had seven catches for 133 and a touchdown. He’s only 6-0 tall, but so is this former turtle:

Moore broke records at school and would be a nice compliment to Alshon Jeffery, Nelson Agholor and Zach Ertz. And he is ranked as a number one receiver on some boards so getting him to end the first round would be great for Philly. 

Well there you go, Phil. We made it through 32 draft picks. How do you feel?

PH: I loved every second of it, and I feel pretty good about it. A few bold picks, but that happens every draft. How about yourself?

LM: I can’t believe how wrong we will be come May 26th-28th. 

Thanks for reading! 

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Fantasy Football Draft Recap: LeBron League 2.0

And we back! As usual its been awhile. There wasn't much I really wanted to write about. That's changing now though. The summer had some nice ebbs and flows to it. NBA Free agency was better than most of the 2017 playoffs. I haven't paid much attention to baseball. I'm a Tigers fan and they've been unwatchable this season. I watch Aaron Judge every chance I get though. That's not what this post is about. I love fantasy football. I don't remember the first year I played. I just know it was when LaDainian Tomlinson was a monster. So that could have been a lot of years. I only say that to establish I liked it before it was cool. It also might be because I am a Browns fan so I need a reason to watch football aside from them. Fantasy football is great because it combines real life football with Madden football in the sense that one can build the team they want to see. It also has some gambling elements in that we have no control over how our team plays aside from putting the right players into the lineup. What I am saying is that fantasy football is at its core supposed to be fun. Yeah winning is the ultimate goal. It should be the goal. Enjoy it when it comes out good and when it comes out not so good.

On Sunday night we had the draft for the LeBron fantasy football league. No, LeBron is not in the league. No, it has nothing to do with basketball. Why is it named the LeBron fantasy league?

Now that I have that joke out of the way. We are starting over. What was a keeper league for a few seasons is no more. It will be a league where you can keep three players but this season everyone is available to be picked. Some (most) members are here while others have departed. There are a few typical questions I have going into this draft. First, who's going first? Will it be Le'Veon Bell, David Johnson or one of the top tier WRs? Second, who will be the first person to make an awful pick in one of the first two rounds? I feel like that happens every year. Third, is a hot dog a sandwich? No. Fourth, will Dan Janning keep his team name of Blue Sea UnPackers, which is by far the worst team name I've ever heard regardless of sport. Whose mans is this:

Courtesy of of Danny's Facebook

Let's get into the teams!

We will be starting with our faithful commissioner, Austin Nader - Lil Weeb

My Thoughts: Well, your team name and picture is an L. No doubt. You had the 2nd pick so you couldn't go wrong with David Johnson or with Le'Veon Bell. Running back is the clear strength with your team with Bell, Jordan Howard and Lamar Miller in your starting lineup. Since RB is your strength a big weakness is your wide outs. Larry Fitzgerald is a great number 2 WR, and Emmanuel Sanders is a great number 3. But with the way they were drafted they are billed to be your top 2 guys. I think that will be your best issue week-to-week. Matt Ryan is a starting QB but there's only like a four % chance he has the same kind of numbers he had last year as an MVP. Kelvin Benjamin has the upside to be a good player for you. There's the chance though his number will be cut into by the guys they drafted in Christian McCaffrey and Curtis Samuel. I don't think the Baltimore offense will be all that great so I personally wouldn't take Mike Wallace and Terrance West. I also watched West in Cleveland and I didn't exactly shed a tear when we moved on from him.

Marcus Mariota can be a starter most weeks but I doubt there's a time you'll play him over Ryan unless there's an injury. Jacquizz will be a nice player the first few weeks of the season. He has the chance to win that job while Doug Martin is suspended. Marquise Lee is kind of whatever in the Jacksonville offense. Not to mention Blake Bortles is, well, bad at playing quarterback. I typed in Blake Bortles sucks into Google and this is what popped up

Grade: B-; I would try to move one of those top RB's you have for a good WR

Next we have Josh Bohn

My Thoughts: Anyone who actually knows me knows my thoughts about Dak Prescott. Regardless he just won't have as good a season as he had as a rookie. Zeke being out the first six weeks hurts, duh. Good top two backs with Marshawn Lynch and Devonta Freeman. They should be top 15 guys all year unless Lynch gets the need to go do this again:

Good WR's with Michael Thomas and Demaryius Thomas. CJ Anderson is okay as a flex that's probably good value for him now. Greg Olsen should be a top 5 TE. This isn't a PPR league should i wouldn't want any part in Danny Woodhead. He hasn't been healthy for a while, too. Willie Snead is good upside since you also have M. Thomas. Corey Coleman very well could be the best pass catcher in Cleveland. Do you want to put all your eggs in the Kenny Britt is going to keep being good? I know I don't. Tyrod Taylor is probably not a starter in a ten team league except for bye weeks. John Brown has upside. Latavius Murray's days have been numbered since before the ink dried on his deal. Is this finally the year Eric Ebron has a breakout season. Probably not.

Grade: B-

Next We have Joe Zamfino

My Thoughts: Team name:

Having Tom Brady as your QB is never a bad thing. And getting him in the fourth round isn't bad value either. Your running backs are spotty though. I think Dalvin Cook can be really good. He's already better than Murray, but who knows if they will give him enough of the workload. Plus that Offensive line is one of the worst in the league. Great wide outs though with Mike Evans and Jordy Nelson. Both are top 10 guys. Jordan Reed is an awesome tight end. His middle name can be actually be, "if healthy" at this point of his career. 

Jamison Crowder is poised for a nice season in D.C. Jeremy Maclin should be better than he was last season. I still don't want to have any part in the Ravens offense. Donte Moncrief can be great in a pinch. I'm scared of the Colts offense though. Andrew Luck still hasn't thrown the ball and the line keeps getting worse. Jordan Matthews just got traded and is already hurt. Samaje Perine has already gotten a lot of talk and he could take the starting job from this guy soon. Rex Burkhead could be the guy in New England. Will you know which weeks to start him? Unless a bunch of guys get hurt then probably not. Kenny Stills will be a better actual WR than he will for fantasy. 

Grade: B

Next we've got Andre

My Thoughts: team name:

I really like a lot of pieces on this team. Russell Wilson is healthy this season after an early injury limited his 2016 season. Melvin Gordon is now a top 10 back after not scoring a touchdown as a rookie. I might be a tad biased on Isaiah Crowell. I think he's a quality back though. He probably will never make you go, "WOW!" But that's alright. Julio Jones is a monster. You know this. Allen Robinson could be close to a monster if this clown isn't his quarterback.  Jimmy Graham is a really good option at TE. Hyde in the flex is great considering I think he could be an RB 2 kind of player if used correctly this year. Tyreek Hill is good. He is fast. Can he learn how to do the other things in football? I think yes. 

DeVante Parker is a little like Eric Ebron in that every season people are saying this will be the year for him. Duke Johnson is better in PPR but since you have Crowell it makes more sense if Crowell gets hurt. Cameron Meredith is okay. Who's throwing him the ball? Mike Glennon? Mitch Trubisky? I think I'll pass. Derrick Henry is a good stash guy if DeMarrco Murray gets hurt or if they decide to not give him the ball every time they want to run it. I wish Kenny Britt wasn't on my favorite team. DeAndre Washington could have some value if Lynch doesn't regain his Beast Mode form. 

Grade: B+

Next is Danny, Oh boy  

My Thoughts:  Any guess what your team name grade is? What? You don't know? Well guess what:

Yeah, it's actually worse than the people who didn't change their name yet. Why you might ask? I don't have the slightest clue what this means. Like actually none. No one on your team is named Lincoln. Like not even almost. Why are you the way that you are? I'm actually asking you. Ugh, whatever. Anyway, Derek Carr should be a good player most of the season. Jay Ajayi had a couple awesome games last year. He had many more not so awesome games last year. Joe Mixon might not get all the work with Gio Bernard and Jeremy Hill still in town. Plus they already extended Bernard. Awesome wide outs with Antonio Brown and Brandin Cooks. I don't know if Cooks can have awesome numbers with so many other good players in New England. Martellus Bennett isn't someone I want as my TE. Aaron Rodgers might be an great QB but he doesn't always look for the TE.

Davante Adams is good when you think he will be bad and bad when you think he'll be good. He ruined so many seasons the year Jordy Nelson was hurt. Jarvis Landry is a good WR. He's better in PPR though. Like I said for Berkhead will Mike GIllislee get the work to be a good fantasy running back? I'll never be sure. Rob Kelley's days are numbered already, in D.C. Corey Davis is a good guy to have on the bench because he can become the top pass catcher with Tennessee. I've seen Corey Davis in person and you could tell he was a special kind of player. It might have been against BG's awful defense, but still. Rishard Matthews is okay, I guess. Same goes for Adam Thielen. I guess if you must have a backup QB Philip Rivers isn't the worst one for you to have. Why? Because you also have Carr. I personally wouldn't start whichever one is going against Denver, and they can't both be playing Denver the same week.

Grade: C-; I dropped you a letter grade because of how stupid your team name is. It still upsets me.

Next we got Kevin Zamfino

My Thoughts: You know where I am going with his name:

Pretty good team here for Kevin. At least off the top. Drew Brees remains a top 5 QB. David Johnson is the number one pick in my eyes without a doubt. If Leonard Fournette can ever string some healthy games together he should be at least a top 15 RB. Well it is apparently easy for him.  Amari Cooper will be a top wide out this year. I think this is finally the season Michael Crabtree stop stealing touchdowns from him. Golden Tate is eh. I don't see any reason to have both Delanie Walker and Tyler Eifert on your team. I think they compliment each other well though. Walker is Mr. Consistent while Eifert is boom or bust. I just think there's better ways to construct your lineup.

Bilal Powell is a fine player. I want no part in the Jets offense. This is probably their starting QB.  I was fooled by Ameer Abdullah before and that won't happen again. Jonathan Stewart has more value than you think he does. He could if nothing else be the goal line back. This should tell you exactly what you need to know about Ted Ginn. (I probably made that joke last year) Marvin Jones is blah; he doesn't have much upside. There's no need to have Matt Stafford on your bench.

Grade: C+, only way he has a good season is if Johnson and Fournette carry him. There's a chance that happens.

Next we have Brian Dailey

My Thoughts: I think it's a two way race right now for who has the best name. I haven't gotten to the other one quite yet. Good starting lineup. Jameis Winston might be undervalued but I think he's just outside a top 10 QB. He's gonna be a low end QB 1 and a high end QB 2. Christian McCaffrey will be a much better real life player than a stud in standard leagues. In PPR he's much better. Will this finally be the year Frank Gore stops being productive? Probably. AJ Green and Dez Bryant as your wide outs and DeAndre Hopkins in the flex? I mean heck the man wore Yeezy cleats during a game:

That's really good. Green has continued to be great. Bryant will get an uptick at least when Zeke isn't in the lineup. Ideally the Cowboys don't need to throw the ball to him as much as he might on a team that doesn't have the offensive line the Cowboys do. Kyle Rudolph is an alright TE. He gets the job done. I've had Spencer Ware basically since he got the job in KC. Tevin Coleman might actually be your number two RB. Just like he's the second guy in his own backfield. Jeremy Hill very well could have value. He's had value before. Tyrell Williams could be a good guy to have on the bench too. We have no idea what to expect from Josh Doctson. He was hurt all of last season. There's actually no need to have Jason Witten on your bench. He will be on the waiver wire if you really want him. Cole Beasley also doesn't have the value he would in a PPR league in a standard league.

Grade: B

Next we have Ben Thomas

My Thoughts: Broooooo

There's a really good chance the Cam Newton that won MVP will never come back. He might be a good NFL QB, but I'm not sure he ever becomes a great fantasy QB again. Nice stable of running backs between LeSean McCoy, DeMarco Murray and Ty Montgomery. McCoy and Murray are top 12 RBs. Montgomery with his first full season as a running back should be improved a lot. And he made strides last year. Doug Baldwin is fine. He somehow manages to be the leading pass catcher in Seattle and has a couple amazing games each season. Like I said earlier this is the season Crabtree takes a step down. Travis Kelce could very well be the top tight end this season. That entirely depends on the health of Rob Gronkowski. 

Julian Edelman is probably most hurt by the addition of Brandin Cooks. He's not a guy who scores a lot of touchdowns. I don't think he's a guy I'd be starting in a standard league aside from injuries and bye weeks. Sammy Watkins went from having top 15 potentially to more of a question mark with the trade from Buffalo to LA. I have no idea what to expect, and that's if I assume he will be healthy. I don't assume he will be healthy. Eric Decker has a decent floor with limited upside. Doug Martin could be good. That won't be until week seven at the earliest. He's suspended the first three games of the year, and he's always a guy that struggles to get going. Darren Sproles and Gio Bernard are both better upsides plays in PPR. 

Grade: C-

Next we have Jon Oh

My Thoughts: Our other contender for best name. And is it too easy to make this joke?

Oh well. He's still a stud. Plus he was drafted after Brady! Here's where you messed up. I don't know if Adrian Peterson becomes the starter for the Saints. He could. He just as easily could not. I make the same joke about LeGarrette Blount every year and I don't care at all. 

T.Y. Hilton is a great player. I already went into why I don't want anyone from the Colts offense. Alshon Jeffery could be a nice player with the Eagles. I don't have confidence he will stay healthy. Gronk is Gronk. If he's healthy he's the best in the league. Brandon Marshall could have a nice season as the number two guy with the Giants. Does anyone have confidence in Eddie Lacy? Does Eddie Lacy have confidence in Eddie Lacy. Nah. Pierre Garcon is done. Randall Cobb hasn't been good for a couple years. I've owned him; I know what he's done. Matt Forte is done. Andrew Luck may not start the season under center. And even if he does get on the field I don't think the offensive line will block enough to keep him up right. Sterling Shepard could be good but Marshall takes some of his work. Jamaal Charles fits in the same category as Matt Forte.

Grade: D+

Next we have, well, me

What was I thinking: If you're a Marvel fan you know exactly what I was thinking with my team name. I am a guy that waits on quarterback most of the time and I got Kirk, don't call me Kurt, Cousins. Like I wrote closer to the start of the piece we will be able to keep three players off your team. That influenced my early round picks. I went with Odell Beckham instead of Antonio Brown at pick three. Yeah Antonio Brown is amazing and won't slow down for at least a couple more years, but Odell is 25. Yes, I know he sprained his ankle  They will allow him time to recover. I wanted to make sure I got Ezekiel Elliott. I didn't care that I reached a little and took him in the second round. I was able to get Darren McFadden at pretty good value in the 8th round. Terrelle Pryor was so much fun to watch last year. I've seen so much of him between his time at Ohio State and last season with the Browns. I think Kirk Cousins will enjoy being able to throw to him for a year before he goes to San Francisco.

I was happy about getting Keenan Allen because I almost took him over Pryor. If he stays healthy, which is a big if, he's a top 15 wide out. Stefon Diggs is the top pass catcher for Sammie Check Down.  If Martavis Bryant doesn't do anything stupid. Again, a big if, he is a top 20 wide out even if Antonio Brown stays productive and healthy. Check out what he did when he actually stayed on the field  I think I got good value with Hunter Henry. His numbers were actually really good last season, and the Chargers admitted they were still force feeding the ball to Antonio Gates. It hurts me a little bit to take Kareem Hurt since he went to Toledo. He's another guy I've been able to see a lot of. I watched him as a true freshman wipe the floor with the Bowling Green Defense that allowed around one touchdown a game. If he becomes the lead running back in an Andy Reid Offense he will be a top 20 RB. Remember when I said I don't trust Eddie Lacy? That's why I snagged Thomas Rawls. Remember when I talked about the Saints RB situation? That's why I took Alvin Kamara. Zay Jones might be the top pass catcher in Buffalo from week one with Sammie Watkins gone.

I'm taking a lot of chances on rookies and guys who may not get to see the field often. It's more fun if you don't know what's gonna happen, right?

Can week one start already?

As always, thanks for reading!
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