Friday, June 21, 2019

2019 NBA Draft, Draft Diary: Volume Three

(Quick Note if you've never read a piece like this. I started writing this at around 6:45 the night of the draft and it should be published at some point on Friday. It is my live reaction while watching the 2019 NBA Draft on ESPN. I also will try to stay off Twitter to avoid Woj's various spoilers. This year they won't quite be as funny as this, this, or this) I hope you enjoy!

I say this every single time I write here, but it has been way too long.

Something's have changed since the last time I was here:

Such as Anthony Davis is a Laker (not officially), having a near-death experience (car accident), and I get a slightly different hair cut.

Somethings haven't changed:

Such as Colin Cowherd still talking nonsense about the Browns, Stephen A. Smith is still (seemingly) on every ESPN platform at the same time, and Lavar Ball is still talking crazy (aside from a seven-ish month hiatus when LeBron had to have done something to quiet him).

Speaking of the Ball Family. I'd be willing to bet that we will be hearing plenty from Lavar come the 2020 NBA Draft. Unlike Gucci sun glass thief, LiAngelo Ball, LaMelo Ball will be a lottery pick a year from now.

Enough of them for now. Enough of them forever depending on who you ask. Jeff Goodman actually apologized for how much he covered them initially.

6:45 - Okay, can we talk about the early trade movement? Usually things unravel as the draft begins, but not this year! Minnesota has traded Dario Saric and the number eleven pick to Phoenix for the sixth overall pick:

Atlanta got the fourth pick for the eighth, seventeenth, and thirty-fifth picks. 

What a move! Atlanta gets to bolster their young core of Trae Young, John Collins and Kevin Huerter with a top four pick. My early thought is they will get another guard to pair with Trae, but who knows. Sorry Kevin. 

Now to the official start of the diary.

7:00 - Welcome to the 2019 NBA Draft, Draft Diary: Volume Three!

7:04 - It's still crazy that we have all these moves before the draft even started. Also Woj wasn't on the main desk last year, right? I mean he's gonna be on his phone the whole night. Is watching Woj answer his phone on live TV good TV? It might be. I mean this was funny.

7:06 - Rece Davis asking Woj if he's gonna tweet during the draft is like asking Jay Bilas if he's gonna say wingspan over and over tonight.

(Note: if you dare to play the Jay Bilas drinking game during the draft then please don't drink and drive. He is very aware that the drinking game is a thing and he will say something along the lines of, "Tip it back, people, wingspan.")

7:07 - Okay, so Woj won't be on the main stage the whole night. Probably the right call. Even though he did a live show when The Vertical was a thing. According to various people I follow on; it was a very good show.

7:10 - Little Zion package being shown. When was the last time a college basketball player was only referred to by their first name. The initial nicknames don't count (KD, AD). Off the top of my head it might be Jimmer. Yeah this guy:

Also peep the line at 2:37. These were the days before KD pretended to be an egg on Twitter. What a time to be alive!

7:11 - That block may be one of the greatest of all time. That's not hyperbole.

Chill Cavs fans! I know this is still a thing:

7:15 - It's cool that Zion and RJ Barrett are such good friends. How insane would it have been to face an AAU team that had Zion and Ja Morant on it? That's scary stuff.

7:18 - The lining of Ja's and RJ's jackets are cool. Ja with family and Murray State and RJ with a Canadian flavor.'s Draft Guide (which is amazing by the way) says he has shades of Jalen Rose, alpha Andrew Wiggins, Harrison Barnes and Rudy Gay. RJ clearly showed his alpha characteristics during his season at Duke. Granted, usually it was driving to the rim and taking a crappy shot instead of trying to get the ball to Zion, but that's just details.

7:24 - Players in attendance are being introduced. It's crazy how nowadays everyone has some crazy outfit because they are fully aware how many eyes are watching. Gone are the days of this:

And this:

Did you know that he also had a lime green suit as an option? He told a story on his podcast one day about it and he went with the suit he ultimately wore because he thought he was going to be drafted by the Clippers. How about that? He even wore the suit last year on ESPN's Get Up!

Not sure if it was baggy enough.

7:26 - Tyler Herro is an amazing name. Imagine if he makes a clutch shot while playing 'hero ball'. Man those stories would right themselves.

7:29 - Can this thing start already? I have to be at work in twelve hours.

7:32 - Nothing against Forrest Whitaker, but you could have gotten someone better for a quick narration, right? That wasn't exactly aw-inspiring.

7:34 - It's absolutely hysterical that Adam Silver gets a nice reception. David Stern got the boos. And actually encouraged them:

And Roger Goodell. Ha, Roger Goodell. Too easy though:

7:36 - Rece beat me to it. This shouldn't take too long for Zion to be picked by New Orleans. Although it's been a while since we knew who the first pick would be as soon as the lottery was over. Yeah we've known who the first overall pick will be before Adam Silver made it to the podium, but I'm talking when there's one guy and everyone else. The last time was probably the other time the Pelicans had the number one overall pick.

I like Zion's look. He doesn't need a tie.

7:38 - Marty Smith is the best. I love how much energy he brings to live TV:

Even though he isn't perfect.

7:39 - Marty is crowd surfing in New Orleans. I don't know if there will be a live shot tonight that can beat that.

7:41 - Zion is officially the first overall pick. As we have known since.. like December. He wasn't the top recruit out of high school and was actually the third ranked prospect among the guys Duke had. They had four guys at the McDonald's game so they were fine:

7:43 - Can't hate on the raw emotion we're getting from Zion. Even knowing he was going to be the top pick for at least a few months. That's great to watch.

7:44 - The draft hats suck, okay. There I said it:

@ me bro @TheLanceMorris

7:46 - Is Zion instantly the biggest star in New Orleans? I mean overall like if you were to include the Saints in that discussion. Drew Brees, Alvin Kamara and Mike Thomas are all amazing players, but football players are just not the same level of star as their NBA counterparts. I think it's an interesting conversation.

7:47 - Memphis officially takes Ja Morant as the second overall pick. No surprise his favorite player growing up was Russell Westbrook. He's a much more natural point guard than Russ, but man this kid is explosive. If he has a consistent jumper he will easily be an all-star, and being an all-star guard in the Western Conference is super hard.

7:49 - The hat choice by his father is stunning to say the least.

7:51 - Emotion from Ja too. People do forget that these guys are human.

7:52 - Bobby Marks says the Knicks need everything. Starters and bench. He's not wrong.

The Knicks officially take RJ Barrett as the third overall pick. I loved what I saw out of RJ before he even got to Duke. There was a lot to like. He was the top player coming out of high school.

Just watch this and you'll see why:

7:53 - Wingspan, people. Again, be careful.

7:56 - More emotion. He kept it together for a a minute before his dad walked up. Love it. I don't know if he gave himself the 'Maple Mamba' nickname. (If he did that's a major fine) But that would be the ultimate best case scenario for him.

7:58 - It's only a little awkward seeing the State Farm commercials with James Harden and Chris Paul after everything that's been said about that situation this week:

8:00 - I say it every year and I will say it once again. I hate, absolutely hate, that we have to go through this charade of saying a player is picked by X when really they have been traded to Y. The player has to go up there and put on a different hat and take all these pictures with it. Why can't this be changed?

8:00 - The Lakers, no actually the Hawks take De'Andre Hunter with the fourth pick overall. Dude was a monster at Virginia. What more can you say about them other than when he was hurt they lost to UMBC in a historic upset. With him they won a National Title. Enough said:

8:07 - The Cavs go with Darius Garland from Vanderbilt. I gotta say I didn't see much of him because of his injury. But in high school he was a dog. Good on the Cavs for taking, who in their eyes, was the best guy available even though they drafted Collin Sexton in the top ten a year ago. 

Maybe they can play together. In the Finals we saw big stretches where Toronto played Kyle Lowry and Fred Vanvleet together and they are both smaller players. Garland is 6'2 and Sexton is 6'2 as well. Portland does a similar style with Dame Lillard and C.J. McCollum and they seemed to play well this season until Lillard got banged up in the Western Conference Finals.

8:08 - Um, what the hell is he wearing? I don't have words:

8:14 - Yeah, Coby White does have the best hair in the draft. At least of the guys there. Not much comp in that regard.

8:15 - The Suns, sigh, the Timberwolves go with Jarrett Culver from Texas Tech as the sixth overall pick. Dang his family is impressive. Dad's a preacher and his brother was an awesome high jumper. This guy made Texas Tech a good basketball team. Let's call a spade a spade, you haven't gave a damn about Texas Tech basketball maybe ever. If you ever did give it a thought it was when Bobby Knight was there for a hot sec:

8:18 - It's a good thing Jarrett wasn't wasting his time playing football. He might have gotten hurt! It's always great to hear strong faith on display from both him and his father.

8:19 - Oh, great. The Bulls. Ugh, I'm tired of the Bulls. They've been a giant dumpster fire the last few years. That's exactly how you pick seventh for three straight years.

8:21 - The Bulls take Coby White from North Carolina as the seventh overall pick. He was fun to watch with UNC. UNC was overlooked heavy this year (in my eyes) with all the hype in the ACC with Duke and with Virginia being as good as they were:

He's gonna be a solid guard in the league. The Bulls have enough good young guys now. How about you go out and do something. Psh, Jim Boylen. I mean this guy. The Bulls SB Nation site doesn't seem to be his biggest fan.

8:22 - Don't mess up the hair, Coby! This could happen:

8:24 - Maria Taylor is really good at her job. ESPN works her to death all over the place with Get Up!, things on the SEC Network, College Gameday, you name it she's been there. I wanted to make that thought known:

8:28 - Once again, the Hawks, no, the Pelicans are taking Jaxson Hayes the center from Texas. How am I just now learning he is from Cincinnati? (Moeller High School) This will allow Zion to play the four spot, but is that the right move? Maybe having Zion as the center would be the best move long term. Time will tell.

8:30 - Wingspan, Jay, this isn't nice:

8:32 - The Wizards are taking Rui Hachimura with the ninth overall pick. He was awesome last season at Gonzaga. Heck they gave Duke their first loss of the season. I think he would be an all-star... maybe if he plays in the year 2007.

I really don't think he's gonna be all that good. I just don't see it. It's awesome that he is the first guy from Japan to be drafted, but pioneers aren't always great. For every Dirk there's a Zaza. Get outta here, bum:

8:35 - Jay, we've been over this.

Also I don't see him being a Kawhi Leonard type player at all. That was who Chauncey Billups compared him to. His defense was never really all that good.

8:40 - The Hawks take Cam Reddish from Duke with the tenth pick. Ask one of the guys he played against in high school. Just about all of them will tell you Cam Reddish was 'cold' in high school. I think he was stifled having to play with Zion and RJ. I love him going to the Hawks. They are going to be so fun next season.

8:41 - Damn it, Jay.

8:44 - So trades can't go through because of the new league year rule? I mean that makes sense, but it's just so dumb to have someone go on stage with a team that they know they aren't being drafted by and they have to have all these memories with a team logo they aren't going to play for. I'm forever going to hate that.


8:46 - The Timberwolves, no the Suns, take Cameron Johnson eleventh overall. You have to hope he can become a good three and D guy. He can shoot. We know this, but can he do anything else? I would think getting anything else would be a plus. He can shoot in the league. They need a wing player. They traded T.J. Warren a few hours ago. Josh Jackson has been seen more trying to get in the V.I.P section than doing good things in an NBA Basketball game. They need all the help they can get.

8:47 - Jay, that's enough, I can't anymore.

8:52 - The Hornets go with PJ Washington from Kentucky as the twelfth overall selection. Death, taxes, and Kentucky having someone go in the lottery. They don't always have guys stick around for another season, but he was really good in Lexington. Jay just said he thinks he will be a solid pro and he took the words right out of my mouth. Probably won't ever be an all-star. That's fine. He'll be a nice player. He would probably be better on a team that's better than Charlotte. Especially if Kemba does wind up leaving:

8:55 - PJ throwing some shade on his dad saying his mom is a better shooter. Ha, I love it.

Also I think we've seen enough of Zion for one night. There's other players, ESPN. I know that seems crazy but it's true.

9:01 - The Miami Heat goes with Tyler Herro as the thirteenth pick overall. Back-to-back Kentucky guys. That's the most excited Drake has been since the parade where he celebrated like he was in the Raptors rotation. Herro could be a fun player. His favorite player is Devin Booker and you can see why after watching him for a few minutes. That's the best case for him:


9:02 - Does Jay Bilas make a Von Trap family reference at least once a year? I think so.

9:03 - The suit is fire:

9:04 - Maria Taylor putting Herro's watch into the camera was perfect. Love everything about it.

9:05 - The Celtics are up next because of the trade when the 76ers moved up to take Markelle Fultz two years ago. Fultz is now on my Orlando Magic. Safe to say the Celtics won that one. No Fultz slander will be tolerated here.

9:08 - The Celtics take Romeo Langford from Indiana with the fourteenth overall pick. He played hurt a good chunk of the season. He had a major injury with his thumb. That sounds painful. He could play a major role on the Celtics this coming season if all that people we think are leaving actually leave. Very interesting for sure.

9:11 - Just one question for Romeo? He didn't look all that enthusiastic too if we are being honest. If that's how he looks when he plays he will drive Bill Simmons insane.

9:12 - Rece, ya had to go with a Romeo joke huh:

9:15 - The Pistons go with Sekou Doumbouya as the fifteenth overall pick. He's been a pro since he was fifteen years old, and he is the fifteenth pick overall. How about that? I'll be honest that is about the extent of my knowledge on him.

9:16 - Hey, guess what? THE MAGIC ARE UP NEXT LET'S GO!

9:17 - In most of the mocks I saw the Magic were taking Tyler Herro (gone) and Nickeil Alexander-Walker. I would have to think the later would be the top option, but who the hell knows with the Magic.

9:19 - Yes, DJ Augustin won us a playoff game against the eventual NBA Champion Toronto Raptors in the first round, but we need a new point guard:

They probably won't take one anyway.

9:20 - Chuma Okeke from Auburn is the pick at sixteen. Terrific. A guy who's hurt and at a position we don't need. WE HAVE ENOUGH FORWARDS WHETHER VUC COMES BACK OR NOT AT CENTER. Who is he getting minutes over? AG? No. JI. No. I don't like this at all. The NBA is dominated by guards and the Magic don't have that many good ones, and no one who's even above average as of now.

9:23 - Can we take a player that isn't a complete project? Fultz is someone we hope can get himself together. Bamba was hurt a lot of last season and needs to develop a lot. Thank God that Issac played well after being hurt as a rookie. Still I'm going to be sick.

9:26 - The Nets, actually the Pelicans due to a trade, go with Nickeil Alexander-Walker from Virginia Tech at pick seventeen:

Hey you know who could have used a good guard?

9:27 - THE MAGIC. He can score, he can pass, is an alright defender. Hey Jeff (Jeff Weltman Orlando GM) the Pelicans have a three guard crew of Lonzo Ball, Jrue Holiday and now Nickeil Alexander-Walker. The Magic three guard crew is (hopefully) Fultz, Fournier and Augustin. I've loved a lot of what you've done but this ain't it.

9:30 - The Pacers go with Goga Bitadze from Georgia (the non college Georgia). His basketball idol is Zaza. He's gonna suck. Book it. You can't look up to Zaza and be good. These are facts.

9:32 - In case you didn't get enough. HERE'S MORE ZION!

9:36 - The Spurs go with Luka Samanic from Croatia with the nineteenth overall pick. Everything they say about him now will be everything I know about him. Sorry not sorry.

9:38 - The Spurs always seem to get the most out of foreign players. They seem to be Pop's type.

9:39 - I know he has question marks, but I'm still surprised Bol Bol is still out there. Yeah he's super skinny and only played a handful of games in college. I'm very aware. I think he could be a really good stretch five if he can get his body right. Yes, I know it's a big if. But we are now in the 20s. You can take a chance now. I mean who would want to go against this:

9:42 - Boston takes Matisse Thybulle from Washington at pick twenty, but he will be going to Philly in a trade. Bill Simmons loved his highlights and is probably crushed that he won't be wearing Celtic green. Great defender. If you get anything else that's a big plus. Good pick for the 76ers.

9:45 - (goes to check Twitter)

Hey, I got something right!

9:50 - OKC picks Brandon Clarke at pick twenty-one, but he will be going to Memphis in a trade. But isn't Jaren Jackson a true power forward? I'm sure Jackson could play the five. Although Jonas... Wait, how do you say his last name, Charles Barkley?

9:52 - Kind of crazy that Clarke started at San Jose State and transferred to Gonzaga. They always seem to win the transfer game.

9:54 - RJ Barrett now on the set. Did they not wanna talk to Ja or did I miss something?

9:58 - The Celtics take Grant Williams from Tennessee with the twenty-second pick. I'm surprised he was picked this late. Sam Vecenie of the Athletic loves him:

Shocking that the Celtics make a good pick late in the first round. Remember when they took Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo with back-to-back picks? That was something.

Nonetheless, I like Williams for the Celtics. He can play next to Jayson Tatum and is a good two way player.

10:03 - The Jazz are taking Darius Bazley with the twenty-third overall pick, but it's going to OKC. This was the guy that got an internship with New Balance and did that instead of going to college or the G League.

Apparently OKC likes to take guys that didn't go to college for whatever the reason. They drafted Terrance Ferguson who played overseas instead of going to college.

10:09 - The Sixers are taking Ty Jerome with the twenty-four overall pick, but they already made a trade and this pick is going to Boston. Wait, what. He's actually going to Phoenix. Another trade being made. They've needed a point guard since they traded all their point guards. At one point they had Isaiah Thomas, Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe all on the same team. Since then it's been a little rough. Solid guy to put next to Devin Booker. Well maybe.

10:17 - Portland takes Nassir Little with the twenty-fifth overall selection. It's about time. Little was by all accounts a top ten guy coming into the draft. Great addition to the Blazers. Helps the Blazers a ton.

10:18 - Can someone grab Bol Bol? Please?

10:20 - Jay, I care about you. Don't do this.
Ye approves.

10:24 - Cleveland goes with Dylan Windler from Belmont as the twenty-sixth pick in the draft. I guess when you can't get LeBron you have to take a white small forward, right? (See Osman, Cedi). If one of the first things you bring up about a player is their golf trick shots then he might not be that good.

10:25 - "Does America drink when I say wingspan, or just when you say it?"


10:31 - Brooklyn takes Mfiondu Kabengele with the twenty-seventh pick overall. But he will be going to the Clippers. Man, they really think they are getting KD & Kyrie. They are making so many deals to clear space. You know who didn't think about clearing space? I'll give you a moment.

These guys

10:33 - The Warriors are gonna take Carsen Edwards, right? It just makes too much sense for them not to.

10:38 - The Warriors, hey it's about time we mentioned them. They take Jordan Poole with the twenty-eighth pick overall. Well I got the position right. Poole was annoying to go against as a Buckeye fan. Always seemed to make the big shots when Michigan needed him. He'll get to learn from Steph and Klay (if he stays) and that would help him tremendously.

10:41 - Bol Bol, Kevin Porter and Carsen Edwards are all still out there. Edwards was projected to maybe sneak into the first round. Bol Bol and Porter were each supposed to be at least lottery guys if not just outside the lottery. It'll be very interesting to see where they wind up.

10:43 - The Spurs go with Keldon Johnson from Kentucky as the twenty-ninth overall pick. You know the Spurs will make this guy at least solid. Spurs gonna Spur. Oh, hey Spurs fans, any chance you miss this guy?

I hope you could hear that gif.

10:48 - The Bucks, the Bucks, man it took awhile to mention them too. They go with Kevin Porter to round out the first round. Although this pick is actually going to Cleveland. I really thought the Cave would take him with their other first round pick, but I guess they knew something I didn't and it worked out for them just fine.

I don't like draft grades but I do like saying what my perception was on what some teams did. It might work and it might not.  

Here are the teams I thought had good nights and who didn't have a great night:

Good - New Orleans Pelicans

They get Zion and Nickeil Alexander-Walker. Having the number one pick helps, but it certainly looks like they maxed out what they could with their assets.

Bad - Orlando Magic

Guards are a thing. You can draft a guard in the first round. It is allowed. I hate them.

Good - Atlanta Hawks

They got De'Andre Hunter and Cam Reddish. If they are both healthy they will both be first team all-rookies. Enough said.

Bad - Washington Wizards

I don't think Rui is gonna be a difference maker.

Good - Boston Celtics

I would have liked had they kept Matisse Thybulle, but they got Romeo Langford and Grant Williams and I think they are at least going to be solid pros. (Update: they also got Carsen Edwards from Purdue. Yeah they're a winner tonight.)

Bad - Phoenix Suns

Just doesn't seem like they really know where they want to go. Cameron Johnson and Ty Jerome are alright. I don't know. I don't see Jerome being an amazing player and Johnson seems like he can only do one thing. That could be great for him or it can get him out of the league in a few years. They could have just went with Culver and didn't for whatever reason.

Well that will just about do it for me. Now to go see if the 2k servers are working...

The auction house hasn't worked right for a week. God forbid they update us and tell us why things aren't working.

Thank you as always for reading!! I appreciate it more than you know.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

2K Needs To Be Stopped

How The Grinch Stole Christmas: 2K Edition

Every person in the 2k community likes locker codes a lot.

But the Devs of 2k do not.

To be honest the devs (developers) just don't care about the community. There's no evidence of them caring. No evidence at all.

For the uninitiated, I will let you in on what has gone down.

S/o to the people responding to the 2k My Team Account on Twitter and the people of the 2K Reddit 

Yesterday there was a locker code released that gave users a Pink Diamond LeBron. Here's what his card from NBA 2K18 looked like for reference:

Now 2k players across the land whether a fan of LeBron or those who hate him for one reason or another will add him to their lineup. Or at least they would have. About an hour after releasing the card users went to their lineups to find their PD LeBron gone from the lineup.

Because 2k is the way they are this was of course done without an explanation.

We have officially reached a breaking point with 2k. By we I mean many things: everyone who has played 2k, everyone who loves playing basketball games, everyone who has spent money on 2k through micro-transactions whether it's for your park player, your my team or both, and people who want to be apart of a gaming community that isn't toxic.

2k continues to show how toxic they are.

Things just haven't improved throughout the years in many modes of the game.

To name just a few:

The Online Leagues just started working correctly, but those haven't been touched in years.

The parks are the same as they have been.

The delayers are still out there.

2k is focused on making money above all else. Who wants to play 2k on an iPad?

Now let's look at the issues with taking away the PD LeBron:

People used consumables to enhance their LeBron. What this means is players would add but aren't limited to adding:
  • Unlimited diamond contract (would always be available), unlimited diamond shoe (to make stats better, very possibly a three point shoe) various badges the LeBron may not of had.
The players that were lucky enough to get LeBron that had the foresight to add these things to their card are now without whatever they added to their PD LeBron. As a My Team player myself I can say when i know I'm going to use a card for a while I add things that I know I am going to want as soon as I can. 

The much bigger issue to me is just taking away the card like he never existed. 

Well, 2k, he did, and still does exist. Removing him now doesn't change that and it's not going to change that.

For all the players who did get PD LeBron. There's a pretty good chance that those are the players who would play the crap out of 2k regardless. That's just my guess, but my thinking is that if those players went out of their way to get PD LeBron than odds are they are going to play the game a lot anyway.

I say this because these are the players who will spend their (possibly hard earned) money and buy packs every time there's a new diamond/new promo out. That would be the group of players I wouldn't want to isolate if I am 2k. Especially if 2k is in the making money business, which we all know they are. That's where the bread is buttered.

A gamer can buy a good My Team. Spend enough on packs and your team will be good. Even with crappy pack luck they can put together a very good team. Some rubies are decent, but they aren't comparable to their diamond, pink diamond and galaxy opal counterparts. Theoretically, it's possible to grind on My Team through challenges, luck on locker codes, sniping on the auction house, etc. That seems to be a model that isn't quite as popular.

A gamer can buy vc to upgrade their My Player, but unless they spend hours upon hours grinding for badges they can only get so good and will only want to play park so much.

They did this on Christmas

I'm not going to sit here and say we deserve a free player on Christmas just because, but 2k, it was Christmas. Being in the same sentence as the Grinch isn't a place to aspire to.

Another issue is the 2k support/ social media help is nonexistent

Try filling out a support tickets. No, go ahead. See what happens.

It will be the same message everyone else who fills out a support ticket gets.

Not only will it not be worth anyone's time to send it in, but they don't even take the time to read the whole ticket. Skip those clicks on the keyboard.

Take a look at their official Twitter account

Yes, I too follow it to stay update on the new cards that are coming soon.

But if it wasn't for that the account would be 100% useless.

They hardly respond to comments/concerns/issues.

For those that play or played Fortnite, they had the Infinity Blade come out and about a day later they walked it back, essentially and said, "yeah our bad."

On the flip side we never get that from 2k. Today when 2k had a chance to apologize or explain or say anything. They let the world know that there's a new Diamond Kyrie Irving, Diamond Paul George, Diamond Bradley Beal and Amethyst Luka Doncic.

No mention of the PD LeBron. No mention of messing up.

They will even troll every now and then. It's honestly sad.

And above all else. I'm not surprised at all.

This is what 2k does.

They took the trophy for top virtual basketball game somewhere between 2009-2011. 2k9 is when they took the lead in my eyes.

Since then they have had a virtual monopoly on the basketball video game.

NBA Live hasn't been able to truly fight back even though it has improved from what it was. 2k even bought the NBA playground game before they could drop a sequel, which was an arcade game in the same vein as NBA Jam.

I can't say to stop playing the game. It's the best game around and I do enjoy playing basketball games even with all the issues. There are people that need to play the game whether it's for fun, or it's what they do for a living.

But to the people who can make their voices heard.

You know who you are.

The YouTubers, the streamers, to the content creators who play or have played 2k throughout their careers as a content creator. You are the people who I believe have the best chance at making something happen. 

It may be a long shot, but it's the only shot we have of saving this virtual basketball game.

Some of you have already made your thoughts known. Some of you have been banned for one reason or another and started a movement there.

This is different. This isn't against one person. This is against every single player in the 2k community, and we can't allow 2k to do this over and over and over.

Enough is enough. Let your voices be heard. Speak for all the people who don't have the platform(s) you do and help make the game fun again!

From someone who just wants 2k to be fun again

- Lance Morris

Friday, June 22, 2018

2018 NBA Draft, Draft Diary: Volume Two

The world has had just enough time to decompress from the NBA Finals and get ready for the NBA Draft. Granted that's because the Warriors swept the Cavs. Nonetheless, it should be a fun night! It'll be a different crew covering the draft than in years past, but it was kind of like that for the NFL Draft as well. The 2017 draft was deeper than this years crop of talent. Yes, Donovan Mitchell slipped to the thirteenth pick. Markelle Fultz went first and we didn't get to see much out of him. Jayson Tatum looks like a future all-star. Lonzo Ball had moments. Josh Jackson was in Phoenix. Yeah I forgot about him to be honest. He averaged 13 points per game and shot 26% from three. I wouldn't call that awe-inspiring. Enough about last year; let's get into this draft!

 7:00 - Welcome into the 2018 NBA Draft, Draft Diary: Volume Two!

7:15 - Lots of Luka Doncic. I mean that felt like a bit much when we know he isn't going first.

7:19 - I do believe Doncic will be at the very least an above average player. If I had to bet on who would be the best player in the class I would bet on him. He dominated the Euro League at 19. The Euro League is the second best league in the world. As great as the coverage of him has been it's fair to say another member of the family made a great first impression to the world:

C/o -

Andre Iguodala was a fan as well.

7:23 - I like the crew of Rece Davis, Chauncey Billups, Jay Bilas, with Woj and Bobby Marks standing by with all the trades and moves that will go down. Maria Taylor was great with college football. It's nice to her get a role with the NBA Draft.

7:25 - I think I will go out on a limb and say most fans watching know who's there for the draft. The big introduction charade isn't necessary.


7:32 - Adam Silver finally out to kick things off. Took long enough.

7:34 - Suns are on the clock. Let's get rolling!

7:39 - DeAndre Ayton goes first to the Suns. Everybody in the arena is shocked. Actually it was the exact opposite of this:

From a pure looks standpoint there's little doubt why Ayton is the top pick. You look at him for a couple seconds and you know he's a future top NBA pick. His one season at Arizona had just a tad bit of controversy. His defense just wasn't there and that was one of the things that held back Arizona. They let Buffalo put 80 something on them and knock them out of the first round of the NCAA Tournament. And Buffalo was sure to not let him forget.

7:43 - Marvin Bagley III goes second to the Kings. Marvin, I want to apologize. The only player that made it out of there alive was Boogie. Okay, Isaiah Thomas as done alright too aside from ruining the Cavs locker room. They ruined Ben McLemore. They ruined Jimmer (maybe not their fault but still). I mean just stop it. Bagley will average around 20 and 10 by year three and be just fine. I go in on Sacramento every year, but as a non partisan fan thank you for not taking Doncic. He deserves better. Sorry, Marvin, once again:

7:46 - Trade rumors are floating around 👀

7:49 - Luka Doncic goes third to the Hawks but is really going to the Mavericks. Love, love, love this spot for him. Basketball wise it's great. Once upon a time they developed another foreign player who turned out pretty well. I don't really know how him and Dennis Smith Jr. will fit together but when you can get a player like Doncic you roll with the talent and figure the rest out later:

7:55 - Jaren Jackson Jr. goes fourth to the Grizzles. Fine pick for the Grizzles. I'm glad they stayed put and didn't ruin this pick to try and get out of the Chandler Parsons contract. Don't get me wrong. It's an awful contract. You can ruin a top five pick to get out of a bad deal. What's Parsons' best moment with the team? Probably something he said on Instagram.

Jackson is a fine player, but I don't know how Izzo couldn't get more out of that team. They had two lottery picks and were projected to be more than they ever showed. He didn't give Jackson that many minutes either. Maybe it was to make sure he was always fresh or maybe there was something else there. Either way I think he'll be a solid player. No more, no less.

7:59 - Trae Young goes fifth to the Mavericks but really to the Hawks. The Hawks will get the Mavs first rounder next season:

8:00 - Expletive, expletive, expletive.

8:01 - Young is one of, if not, the riskiest picks near the top of the draft. He could be a Steph Curry kind of player when he's on. When he's off he looks closer to a Curry with a different first name and I'm not talking about Dell. There's a reason he was able to light up college basketball especially in the first part of the season. He shot the ball from territory known as 'Curry range'. He showed more as a passer than I remember Steph doing in college. The knock on Steph was that he was between a point guard and a shooting guard who'd have trouble on defense. Well we know Young will struggle on defense and he's a little smaller than Curry is. Young is 6'1. You need him to be a dynamic offensive player, and a threat to shoot whenever he crosses half court because on defense there's few positives to look at.

8:02 - More expletives. I wanted him. The Magic haven't had a point guard that was halfway decent since Jameer Nelson.

8:03 - *Realizes how long ago that was gets irrationally upset.*

8:04 - Mohamed Bamba goes sixth to the Magic aka Jay Bilas' wet dream. 7 foot 9 wingspan. Okay now I'm okay, I think. I really, really wanted Young, but I said before that he was my second choice as a Magic fan. It's an interesting fit because now the front court should be Jonathan Isaacs, Aaron Gordon (resign him no matter what. He's a restricted free agent) and now Bamba. They still have too many centers with Nik Vucevic and Bismack Biyombo. Who cares? With Young off the board it's absolutely the right pick. And if he can do this in games with any kind of regularity sky is the limit:

8:08 - I love how happy he is. I mean everyone who gets drafted is gonna be happy but it's still nice to see.

8:09 - Foot Locker commercial with Trae Young, LiAngelo Ball, and LaVar Ball. I love it. It's not the first Foot Locker commercial featuring a member of the ball family:

8:10 - You guys miss LaVar Ball yet? Say what you will about him but the guy is the walking embodiment of entertainment:

8:11 - Is Gelo gonna get picked? Did you get your pair of Gucci glasses? He did.

8:12 - Wendell Carter Jr goes seventh to the Bulls. I was a bit surprised they didn't go for Michael Porter Jr. there were plenty of rumors connecting them. It should be interesting to put him next to Lauri Markkanen since he's not so great on the defensive side but spaces the floor on offense.

8:16 - I am very intrigued to see what the Cavs do to see if they pick a compliment for LeBron if he comes back, or if they just get the best guy they can. It could be both but interesting either way.

8:18 - Collin Sexton goes eighth to the Cavs. Either way they needed a point guard. He had one of the most memorable moments in college basketball this past season:

Let's see how he adapts to the league.

8:24 - Kevin Knox goes ninth to the Knicks. He isn't great yet, but he will at the least be a solid player. He's still 18 and has a lot of room to improve.

8:25 - Wingspan, people, wingspan. Bilas has no regard for human life.

8:26 - Did I make that joke last year. Ah, who cares? It has to be done.

Knicks fans are chanting, "We want Porter." Shut up, Knicks fans. You don't know what you want. The best picks you've ever had besides Patrick Ewing you've booed. And how about that jacket?!?!

8:30 - Mikal Bridges goes tenth to the 76ers. Doesn't get much better than that. Local guy who won a couple titles at Villanova. He will eventually be a much better version of Robert Covington. Oh and his mom works for the 76ers already. That's pretty cool.

8:37 - Shai Gilgeous-Alexander goes eleventh to the Hornets. Interesting move that could signal the Hornets moving Kemba Walker. Heck he could be moved before the night is over.

8:39 - Back-to-back Clipper picks coming up. I would make a joke that they'll screw this up but having the logo in your front office was proven to make a difference at his previous spots

8:40 - Looks like a trade in the works that will negate what I just said. SGA will be going to the Clippers and the Hornets are going to get the twelfth pick and future picks for SGA.

8:43 - Bilas makes a Von Trapp family joke that like 12 percent of the audience will get:

Miles Bridges goes twelve to the Clippers but will be heading to the Hornets. I watched him play against the Buckeyes a couple times and I was always scared of what he could do. He was a tough cover. He probably would've still been a lottery pick last year too.

8:47 - Kid Ink music playing them into commercials. I liked him before it was cool to like him.

8:50 - Jerome Robinson from Boston College is pick thirteen to the Clippers. He kind of made Boston College relevant this season, which isn't easy to do. Should be at least a decent scorer.

8:53 - Michael Porter Jr. still out there and ESPN is making sure you know that.

8:56 - The hell is going on with their audio?

8:58 - Aaron Holiday looks just like Jrue Holiday. Yeah they're brothers but damn:

C/o New York Post

Michael Porter Jr. off the board as the final lottery pick at fourteen to the Nuggets. He is a risk because of the injury issues he had at Missouri. He was one of the top players coming out of high school, and if he can get and stay healthy we will look back and ask, "How the hell was he available at fourteen?!" The Nuggets have been on the outside looking in the last couple seasons. Might as well go for a player that could be a huge difference maker.

9:06 - Troy Brown Jr from Oregon goes fifteen to the Wizards. How about Oregon starting to consistently get guys in the league? I mean this guy won a title:

I think they're getting Bol Bol (Manute Bol's son) next year too. That should be fun to see.

9:12 - Ayton is on the ESPN set talking with the guys, and he really wants to play with Aaron Holiday. Will he get his wish? Oh, and Joel Embiid is lighting him up on Twitter. I didn't expect anything less. #TrustTheProcess

9:14 - Zhaire Smith from Texas Tech is the sixteenth pick to the Suns, but there's a trade and now Mikal Bridges is going to be heading to the Suns. That story was cool for about 44 minutes.

9:18 - I can't get over that Mikal Bridges won't get to play in Philly. They made a perfect pick. Both on and off the court and then they decided, nah, let's get a worse version and hope we can make him better. I personally blame Jerry Colangelo.

9:21 - Donte DiVincenzo goes seventeenth to the Bucks, or white Donte as Bomani Jones likes to call him. He introduced himself to the country by going off in the National Championship game. to the tune of 31 against Michigan. He has the shooting. He has the athletic ability. Good pick for the Bucks. That's the kind of talent they needed to add to give them more space on offense.

9:26 - Kawhi Leonard drama breakdown!!!

9:27 - Let's go live to Kawhi Leonard talking about his situation:


What? He isn't saying anything?
Oh, he's never said anything? Huh. Interesting...

9:28 - Lonnie Walker IV goes to the Spurs at the eighteenth pick. Since he's going to the Spurs we all just assume he will be good now. Oh and he already failed a drug test. At least according to Jalen and Jacoby:

And this has to be one of the best pictures from last night:

9:35 - Kevin Huerter from Maryland goes to the Hawks at nineteen. He was alright from what I saw of him. Nothing all that great.

9:42 - Josh Okogie goes twenty to the Timberwolves from Georgia Tech. Shocker that the T-Wolves wanted a defensive guy. Never change, Tibbs.

9:45- Woj is a savage by the way:

The NBA and the networks agreed to not tweet out picks before Adam Silver gets to the podium to announce the picks. As you can see from the screen grabs of the tweets, Woj had to get creative with how he worded his tweets.

9:47 - Grayson Allen goes the Jazz at pick twenty-one. Everybody loves Grayson Allen. Don't trip:

9:51 - Chandler Hutchison from Boise State will be heading to the Bulls as the twenty-second pick. Can't say I watched too much Boise State basketball this year. Chauncey compared him to Kyle Kuzma. If the Bulls are getting that they would be more than thrilled.

9:58 - Aaron Holiday goes to the Pacers at pick number twenty-three. Third Holiday brother in the NBA. LaVar can't be more envious right now, right?

Yeah we'll see about that, LaVar. 

10:05 - Anfernee Simons goes to the Trail Blazers at pick twenty-four. He didn't play in college once the vampire stuff. I mean once the Rick Pitino stuff happened at Louisville. Did you guys know that Pitino thought Donovan Mitchell needed another year at school? Hahahaha.

10:12 - Mo Wagner goes to the Lakers at pick number twenty-five. He went to Michigan and was the biggest reason they made it to the National Title game. The game he played against Sister Jean, Loyola-Chicago, really stood out to me. He got it done on both ends of the floor. He's a really good shooter. A really underrated defender. He's a great stretch five for the way basketball is played today:

10:16 - I, again, don't understand what Philly was thinking with that trade. Oh you saved a little money to get LeBron. They really getting LeBron? At some point why don't you try and actually get better? Sam Hinkie isn't running the show anymore. Don't try and mimic that strategy, Brett Brown.

10:19 - Landry Shamet from Wichita State goes at pick twenty-six. Did I miss something? He's a point guard. You have Ben Simmons, Markelle Fultz and T.J. McConnell. I guess if he can be a good shooter it kind of makes sense. Philly is coming away one of the biggest losers of this draft in my eyes.

10:27 - Robert Williams goes to the Celtics at pick twenty-seven. Here we go again with the Celtics drafting well. Surprised he slipped this far. I think that has more to do with the way the league is moving than with Williams himself. Defensive guy. Big shot blocker. Fits a need for the Celtics. They'll get him to improve on offense over time. He won't be asked to do much on that end of the floor because his defense will get him minutes.

10:29 - Rece that rendition of, "Warriors, come out and play." was super cringy:

10:33 -  Jacob Evans from Cincy goes to the Warriors at pick twenty-eight. They might've swept the Cavs in the finals but their bench still wasn't all that great. Nice addition. The rich get richer.

10:36 - The guys roast Bobby Marks for the Brooklyn and Boston trade. He was apart of the Nets front office when they made that deal.

10:42 - Dzanan Musa goes twenty-ninth from Bosnia-Herzegovina. Can't say I know much about this guy either. Looks comfortable finishing around the rim with both hands:

10:45- Omari Spellman from Villanova goes to the Hawks to close out the first round. Third Nova player selected. Lots of Duke and Nova talent in this draft.

Hopefully Keita Bates-Diop gets picked soon. He dealt with multiple issues in college and helped lead the Buckeyes to a top ten ranking at one point. (He went to the Timberwolves)

The draft has come to a close! Man the second round goes so damn quick. I can't say I'm a fan of immediate draft grades and all that even though they happen every year, but let's just say who I think had the best and worst nights perception wise:

Best - Atlanta Hawks

Came away Young along with Huerter from Maryland and got some more future second round picks for their high second round pick.

Worst - Philadelphia 76ers

Example on why it's good to have a GM heading into the draft that has done it before.

Best - Phoenix Suns

Getting Ayton at one was great, but getting Mikal Bridges from Philly and they just swapped picks this year. They gave away a 2021 first round pick that I don't think will end up being a great pick (it is an unprotected first rounder though, which doesn't really happen often now). They also picked up a point guard from France and a guard from Colorado in the second round.

Worst - Knicks fans

I get life is hard with kazoo boy as your owner: 

Get over yourselves.

Best - Dallas Mavericks

Drafted the player I think will be the best player in this draft when it's all said and done. And stole Jalen Brunson in the second round.

Worst - Orlando Magic

I liked the Bamba pick. I really did but...



I'm done before I just rip the team to shreds. Let's see if they answer this:

As of now I have not.

Thanks for reading!

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