Thursday, September 10, 2020

2020 Draft Recap of the LeBron Fantasy League

Yo Austin Nader, fuck you first and foremost, for making me do this shit. Motha fucker.

On a real note, another season of NFL and most importantly fantasy football is here!

Did I think it was going to happen? At the NFL level, a little bit. I did not think we would have NCAA Football or high school football here in Ohio. We do have high school football, but we do not have Ohio State Football…


The NFL has plunged forward through the pandemic as best as they could. 

Yeah the NFL Draft was virtual, but it was still fun and felt close to the regular product. 

Yeah we haven’t had pre-season games, but who cares about that anyway?

The NFL is here! Rejoice! 

Here is my mostly annual recap of one of the fantasy football drafts I had recently. 

If you need to see every single person who’s on their team then go look. I don’t have the time to get those pictures and all that. I’ll still make fun of team names if need be.

Now this league has had a lot of turnover from past years; so a lot of you might not know who I am and why I’m writing this whole thing. 

Well the league itself started in a mutated form, I think the year Andrew Luck and RGIII were rookies. So 2012. The following season with a year of college under my big belt, and as I will put it ‘fantasy knowledge out the wazoo’. I decided to do a little recap of the draft and give my take on everything from the draft to the name of the team itself. Otherwise everyone in the league would have generic ass names, or have shitty names like Danny’s are every year. 

Also you’ll notice I don't talk about defenses or kickers. Defenses should always be your second to last pick unless you’re in a league without kickers. Kickers should be your last pick if you’re in a dumb league (talking to you Austin) that continues to value kickers. Kickers shouldn’t decide real games, and they certainly shouldn’t decide fantasy games either. Get rid of them. Everywhere.

Without more background, let’s just get into this already. For the noobs, I will start with Austin Nader’s team so you can all get a sense on how this thing goes:

Austin Nader’s team - Team Name: Glizzy Goliath

My thoughts: First off, aren’t you engaged now or something? *checks instagram* *confirms that he is engaged.*

You’re a little old to be clinging to this whole ‘Glizzy’ trend, bro. 

Matt Stafford could be good this year. He also could fall off a cliff (production wise) and suck this year. The same thing can be said about the Lions in general. Maybe they compete for the division, and maybe they finish 3-13 and finally get rid of the laminated play sheet with a pencil boy. 

I don’t think you could have picked a better tandem of iffy running backs than Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon. Gurley’s knees will probably never allow him to be the same type of player. Gordon is already listed as questionable for week one, but when he does play he is effective.

You probably have the best wide receiver duo with Michael Thomas and Tyreek Hill. Plus Adam Thielen and DJ Chark are good as well. 

Tyler Higbee is one of those players that can get a score and make the tight end spot matter. 

Bench is kind of eh outside of Chark. Antonio Gibson has the boom potential if he ever gets enough carries. Cam Newton might be a better option than Stafford, but I don’t know if either will be a top ten guy this season.

Grade: A-

Next for Patrick Fuller’s team - Team Name: Big Daddy Burrow

My thoughts: Not the worst team name I’ve ever seen, but I wouldn’t name my team after my backup QB. Matt Ryan I put in the same category as Matt Stafford. Ryan though has more upside to me. 

He clearly had the first pick since he has CMC. David Johnson will probably be a better fantasy player than he will be an actual NFL player this season. Good receiving group with Davante Adams, Robert Woods and Mike Evans. Evans to me should start over Woods, but I’m nitpicking that.

I had ‘Waller the Baller’ last year so i know what he can do. 

I would drop TJ Hockenson the moment I can to get another skill guy. I don’t mind Burrow as a backup though since Ryan could be shaky. Bench running backs are solid with guys who could very easily become lead backs. The wide outs though are kind of eh.

Grade: B-

Next we have Ben Henke - Team Name (and I wish I was kidding): @ EatDatPussy445

My thoughts: Maybe you’re 12 so I guess I shouldn’t make fun of you too much. With a name like that you must be. I better beat you week one.

Deshaun Watson will be a top five QB as long as the line can keep him healthy. 

I don’t think we’ll have an amazing season from Dalvin Cook in a new system. Jonathan Taylor should be one of the better rookie running backs. 

Good receiving core with Julio Jones, Tyler Lockett and Keenan Allen. Plus Brandin Cooks, Diontae Johnson and all the rookie wide outs not named CeeDee Lamb on the bench. 

Problem is running back depth. Only three right now on the roster so if someone gets hurt or gets benched that’s a big problem. Especially since two of those running backs are on the same team. 

Grade: C+ simply because of the lack of running backs

Next we have Chad Ohmns - Team Name: Team Chad A

My thoughts: Is there another Chad here? Did I miss something?

I can’t be mad at a team for drafting Pat Mahomes. I just can’t.

Running back starters are good with Alvin Kamara and Joe Mixon. Wide outs though are more iffy. Amari Cooper has a strong relationship with Casper and likes to disappear when you really need him. Calvin Ridley is a good player but he is the clear number two there. TY Hilton should be in front of him. 

Hunter Henry is one of those guys that can be a top ten tight end.

I like his bench with Justin Jefferson as a guy who could boom. Kerryon Johnson could be a viable player if the Lions use him. Edelman is a fine plug and play PPR guy. 

Grade: B

Next we have Michael Racke - Team Name: Team racke

My thoughts: You thought about that name for a while. I can always tell. 

I personally don’t think Dak Prescott is good, but you have waaaay too many QB’s. You don’t need Dakota, Tom Brady and Baker Mayfield. You also don’t need a backup tight end when you have Travis Kelce. Aside from injury and/or bye week you’re starting him every week. Pick up a waivers guy the week you need to. 

Good receivers with DeAndre Hopkins, Cooper Kupp and DeVante Parker. Wide out depth is an issue though with just one on the bench since one is in the flex. 

Grade: D+ Bench just has too much wasted space.

Next up we have Dale Newman - Team Name: Ceedees Nuts

My thoughts: You don’t have CeeDee Lamb so what are you doing?

Can’t go wrong with Russell Wilson at QB. Good running backs with Josh Jacobs and Miles Sanders. 

Wide outs are a tad questionable. I don’t see AJ Brown being as electric as he was last year, and Stefon Diggs is on a new team.

Chris Carson is an okay flex play. 

He has an okay bench with Deebo Samuel and Phillip Lindsay being the best guys. 

Drop Goff and Hurst as soon as you can and get more depth. Tate and Fitzgerald are alright fill-ins for bye weeks.

Grade: C-

Next we have some of the other returners to the league that are used to my ‘hilarious’ jokes and banter.

First is Ben Thomas - Team Name: Bruce Jenners Balls (for like the 12th year in a row)

My thoughts: Two teams with ball jokes. We have a very mature league on our hands. 

Can’t be mad at having Lamar Jackson on the squad. Clyde Edwards-Helaire could be one of the best backs in fantasy this year. Cam Akers is kind of eh. A fringe starter to me. 

Odell is a good wide out. Allen Robinson is alright, but do you trust Mitch to get him the ball? Zach Ertz is one of the best options at tight end across the league. 

I guess Michael Gallup is okay at the flex spot. 

As far as the bench I think you may have gone too far in getting ‘boom’ kind of players. Both D’Andre Swift and JK Dobbins can be great players if they get the opportunity. DeSean Jackson is the definition of a boom or bust guy, and I don’t know when (aside from a bye week) I would start him. 

Trade Drew Brees to someone who needs a QB. You’re only gonna play him one time, and he has better value than being a bye week fill-in.

Grade: C

Next we have Josh Bohn - Team Name: Full Chubb

My thoughts: Well at least you have Nick Chubb on your team with that name. We now have two nuts/ball jokes and one dick joke. I must be the oldest person in this league now.

Carson Wentz is a good QB. That is of course if he can stay healthy. 

Good backs with Chubb and Austin Ekeler. The wide outs are iffy with Kenny Golladay and Courtland Sutton. Who the hell knows what exactly we get with Gronk, but that’s a chance I would be willing to take too. Jarvis Landry is my favorite receiver of yours but he’s the second guy on his own team. 

I like the bench running backs though with Raheem Mostert and Kareem Hunt.

I’m actually okay with having Danny Dimes as a backup with how often Wentz gets hurt. 

Grade: B 

Last of the returners club besides yours truly we have Dan Janning - Team Name: Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood

My thoughts: You always have the worst names. If it’s not the worst then it’s always dang close. This is no exception. The whole Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood thing was cute in like 2008. 

As an example of what not to name your team, here are some of the names Danny has used in the past: Barkley’s Bakery, Blue Sea Unpackers, Lincoln Bluebones. All so, so terrible. 

His team picture is Mr. Rodgers in a clown mask. Seems fitting for Danny. 

Looking at his team he actually does have Aaron Rodgers. So at least there’s that. 

Good running backs with Derrick Henry and Aaron Jones. Plus James Conner in the flex. Good wide outs as well with DJ Moore and JuJu Smith-Schuster. Evan Engram is a fine tight end. Decent wide outs on the bench with Terry McLaurin, AJ Green, Christian Kirk, and CeeDee Lamb (so this is where he ended up). You know better than to have a tight end and a quarterback wasting space on your bench. Although Josh Allen should be trade-able. 

Grade: B+

And finally we have yours truly, Lance Morris - Team Name: Lance’s Lobos

My thoughts: I’ll be honest. I don’t think I had the best draft. Picking second is both great and not so great. Yeah I have Saquon, but I honestly probably would have preferred to pick near the end of the first round. 

I had Kyler Murray last year and I think he’ll be even better with DeAndre Hopkins to throw to. I’m gonna get most of the Cardinals points too with having Kenyan Drake, which could be bad if their offense struggles. Chris Godwin could be one of the best wide outs this season. Hopefully Tompa Brady can help that happen. DK Metcalf should be the top target at some point for the Seahawks, but I don’t know if that happens this year.

Austin Hooper should be a great option in a very talented Cleveland offense. 

It wasn’t that long ago that Le’Veon Bell was the top pick across fantasy football. Plus I think the Jets could trade him and put him in a better situation. 

On the bench I have a chunk of the Tampa running game with Leonard Fournette and Ronald Jones. Marquise Brown could be a top non Lamar Jackson option for the Ravens at some point. I’ve also got the Kansas City wide outs with Mecole Hardman and Sammy Watkins. I think the Chiefs are going to be an awesome offense (again) this year and I have the next guys in line for if someone else goes down. 

Grade: The professor doesn’t grade his own work

Thanks for reading and be grateful we have football.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

2020 Joint NFL Mock Draft With Phil Holtz

Below is a back and forth between Phil Holtz and myself doing an NFL Mock Draft that takes place over a couple days. Maybe it was a week, two weeks? I’m not sure. The days all run together. Stay safe and stay home when possible.

Lance Morris: Phil, it’s been a hot sec since your birthday celebration, but with all that has gone on since that seems like it was years ago. Rather than the about six weeks (or so) it’s actually been. Sports as we know it have stopped for the last couple weeks, and we still have no idea when things will actually return to normal. All that being said, are we still going to have the NFL Draft?

Phil Holtz: Yeah, these are some crazy times for sure and you're right that it seems like a year since that birthday party. Things were open, people were conversing closer than 6 was a different time. But based on what I heard a few weeks ago was that the draft would still occur, but without an audience and that in itself will be a change. The draft has always been a spectacle that has gotten bigger and bigger, but this year there will only be the absolute "essential" personnel of the teams.

(Note: when we began writing this it was pre the NFL deciding everything would continue remotely. We talk about that near the end.)

LM: It’s a shame that we are getting robbed of draft picks meeting Roger Goodell on stage via boat because of Covid-19.

PH: I agree because that would've really been some must-see television. But I will be just as excited/disappointed with forever my team takes, regardless of where everybody is.

LM: It’ll be interesting to see how everything comes off this year since the draft is essentially a made-for-tv spectacle. If they take away the fans this year (as they rightfully should) that changes the entire feel of the draft. The camera won’t be able to pan to a group of fans for every pick. You know that the really big fan bases represent no matter the city and this year it seems like we aren’t going to have that.

PH: That much is definitely true. With the age of social media that we're in, it'll be just as adamant how all the fans feel about each pick. I personally can't wait. With that being said, shall we get to the picks?

LM: I suppose we can. Unlike the last time we did this, we’re going to be simpler and alternate picks. It worked out perfectly so I can talk about the Clow- I mean Browns, and you can talk about the Lions. What do you have the Cincinnati Bengals doing with the first pick in the draft?

PH: Well Lance, I'm not going with a shocker of a pick here. I have Cincinnati drafting National Champion and Heisman Winner, QB Joe Burrow out of LSU.

To put it simply, I don't think anybody needs to see more of Andy Dalton (other than opposing AFC North teams) to know what he is as an NFL quarterback. The Bengals are in rebuild mode and they get their leader at quarterback. Burrow, aside from being a great college quarterback, is also extremely confident and he has swagger, which I think will help in his career. 

LM: Not a shocker at all after the amazing season Burrow put together. One of the all-time dominant seasons we’ve ever seen. And he’s forever a Buckeye no matter what Ohio State haters want to say.

For the second overall pick, I am going to stick with a Buckeye and go with Chase Young, DE, Ohio State. 

Young, in a different way than Burrow, had himself an all-time dominating season. Despite the fact he had to miss two games he was a real life game breaker. Especially after his suspension teams upped their game plans almost completely with the mindset of limiting Chase Young. He ended up being double and even triple teamed from that point on. When he wasn’t double teamed, more times than not he ended up making a play. The Washington Professional Football Team would be making a massive mistake if they do anything besides take Young at two.

PH: 100% agreed with you there. Young (A.K.A. ‘The Predator’), to put it simply, is a complete monster off of the line and he will make an instant impact on the Washington defensive line.

Now it’s on to my favorite team, the Detroit Lions. Detroit could go a few different routes here and I have debated quite a few, but I’m sticking with the Ohio State theme and have Detroit selecting Jeff Okudah, CB, Ohio State.

In my lifetime Detroit has never had a very good combo at the cornerback position. They had Dre’ Bly, Darius Slay, and that is about it. With Bly being long retired and after trading Slay a couple of weeks ago for a couple picks, I see them trying to make that position an area of strength, especially after the signing of Desmond Trufant. Now while Trufant isn’t as talented as Slay, pairing him with Okudah and having Justin Coleman in the slot, where he is the strongest, would make this Detroit secondary something to watch this upcoming season.

LM: Yeah but Matt Patricia aka ‘laminated play sheet but has a pencil behind his ear fraud’ is still the head coach. Darius Slay let his thoughts known shortly after being moved to the Eagles.

At the four spot we have the New York Giants. Side note, it is amazing to me how incompetent they are. David “football” Gettleman and Joe Judge are the two guys in charge of that organization. No one knew who the hell Joe Judge was until he became the Giants head coach! At least they got rid of Pat Schurmur.

Now to who they will actually take. I think they go with Isaiah Simmons OLB, Clemson. The Giants need talent all across the board and going with a really good linebacker would be a good start.

I also think if the Lions don’t take a QB or trade down the Giants could become a trade spot if someone wants to jump ahead of Miami and take Tua. Not to steal your thunder, but do you have the Dolphins taking Tua at five? Yup lol in all honesty if we project trades i'm guessing Washington or Detroit trade. Word has been Miami or the LA Chargers (Full disclosure: I initially had San Diego, that's a fine)

PH: Simmons is definitely the swiss army knife of this draft. Guy has 4.3 speed and can play linebacker, safety, and can rush as good as anybody. I'm excited to see what he does at the professional level.

Now we have Miami. Talk about a dumpster fire. They are another team that could go multiple ways, but after all is said and done I think that Tua Tagovailoa, QB, from Alabama is the pick here. If injuries weren't a factor here, Tua is probably the #1 draft pick. While he is a risk, I think Miami would forever regret passing on him if he turns out to be a success in the league. Let's face it, the last thing Miami needs is a prolonged QB problem, especially after Ryan Tannehill was 1 game from being a Super Bowl starting quarterback with the Tennessee Titans after leaving the Dolphins.

LM: Even with the injury concerns it’s still kind of crazy to me that Tua might just be a top five pick because when he came in as a backup to win the National Championship against Georgia I thought that college football had no chance of taking him down for the following two years. Enter Trevor Lawrence and Joe Burrow. I also can’t believe he didn’t win the Heisman as a Sophomore. When he was completely healthy I have a hard time picking a quarterback I’ve ever seen above him.

For the sixth pick we have the LA Chargers who have probably the smallest fan base of any major professional sports team. They are the second team in a town that doesn’t really care about professional football. They need a quarterback. (I think unless they sign Jameis Winston they draft a QB at six) I’ve lived through the Tyrod Taylor experience. Let me tell you that it’s not all that enjoyable. Now which one will they go with? For me I think they go Justin Herbert, QB from Oregon. 

Opinions seem to be pretty split on him. Am I personally in-love with his NFL prospects? No, not really. I didn’t love Josh Allen coming out of school, and while the jury is still out on him on the whole he has had some bright spots. He’s a big guy with a strong arm and with the right team around him I think he has a chance to succeed.

PH: That's one of the crazy things about this draft is that there could be a good chunk of quarterbacks taken in the first round, some that not many have heard of. Herbert is definitely a skilled player and would start a new era of Chargers football.

Next up we have the Carolina Panthers. It's a new era there as well with Cam Newton getting the boot and Teddy Bridgewater getting the keys to this offense, which will now have speed at pretty much every position on the field. I pondered a few possibilities here, but being this high of a pick, reaching usually doesn't pan out. I have Carolina adding to their defensive front with Derrick Brown, DT out of Auburn.

Getting the highest rated interior defensive lineman in the draft to pair with Kawaan Short on the line and they have a group of linebackers that are solid as a unit. That makes for an improved front 7 situation that gave up over 5 yards per carry in 2019.

LM: Matt Rhule has definitely been making waves in his short time in Carolina.

Next we have the Arizona Cardinals at number eight. They already have most key offensive players in place: Kyler Murray, DeAndre Hopkins and Kenyan Drake. I think they look to further protect their star (and small) quarterback by taking someone on the offensive line. I have them taking Mekhi Becton, OT from Louisville.

I think that Kliff and company go a little off the board with this one because Becton is not one of the top tackles listed depending on where you look. He’s really good in pass protection though, and that is what we should see a lot of with how they like to run an offense.

PH: I like that for them. Kyler Murray is looking like he will be a solid player, but you're only good if you're available to play.

Up next it is the Jacksonville Jaguars. Coming off of an exciting season (though not a good one record wise) with Minshew Mania. Their offense is young at all the skill positions, but they've all shown some promise, which is why I think that they go defense with this pick. Their defensive line is set on the edge already, so I have them adding to their interior line with Javon Kinlaw, DT from South Carolina.

Aside from having one of the best names in the draft, last year he had 6 sacks and 6 tackles for loss, which is solid for any lineman, but he also has a 6'6" frame, making him a disrupter in the passing game by swatting down passes. I think that he would be a welcomed addition to a Jacksonville team that's trying to put it altogether.

LM: It wasn’t that long ago that the Jags had an all-time defense and almost dragged Blake Bortes to a Super Bowl appearance. Crazy how much their team has changed in the last few seasons.

Now we move on to my Cleveland Browns… Ugh, I have not thought about this team very often the last few months for good reason. The Browns had expectations last year for the first time since returning to the league in the late 90’s.

To say they fell short would be an understatement. I could go on about that for a while.

The offense has plenty of weapons. Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb, OBJ, Jarvis Landry, Kareem Hunt (they placed a second round tender on him) Nick Chubb again, Austin Hooper, David Njoku, and Nick Chubb a third time. 

They need to add to the offensive line. Among the on the field problems the offensive line was the biggest of those concerns. They added former Titan Jack Conklin, but they need another starting caliber tackle. I have them taking Tristan Wirfs, OT from Iowa.

He should be able to make the transition to move to the left side with Conklin on the right side. Wirfs was a two year starter at right tackle at Iowa. He will be a much needed addition on the Browns offensive line.

PH: You aren't lying when you say that they underachieved. I feel bad for the true Cleveland fans, but the bandwagon fans who claimed they were Super Bowl bound made me smile when they finished like they did. You're one of the true fans, so I'm sorry. I like that pick. It's safe, but smart.

That brings us to the New York Jets. The Jets have been a dumpster fire for the past few years, although it seems like they may have a quarterback in Sam Darnold. His numbers aren't great, but he doesn't have many weapons, outside of LeVeon Bell. They could get him a weapon at receiver, but that won't do Darnold any good if he doesn't have time to throw. That's why I have them taking Jedrick Wills Jr., OT from Alabama.

Back to back offensive linemen off the board. This guy would help their offensive problems, simply by giving Darnold time to throw and giving Bell holes to run through. They still have holes to fill, but this pick should definitely help.

LM: The Jets might have the best quarterback in the AFC East now that Tom Brady is gone. Also, did you know that Tom Brady left the New England Patriots?? It’s gonna be so weird to see him in a Bucs uniform. Imagine Dirk Nowitski in a different jersey his last few seasons. Imagine Kobe Bryant in something other than the purple and gold (RIP).

Now taking a look at the finally Las Vegas Raiders. What, oh, what will Chucky come to lif- Sorry I mean Jon Gruden do here?

I really think all options are on the table with them here since they have two first round picks. Because they gave away this guy:

I have them taking Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama.

He is not the fastest player in the draft, but it’s not Al Davis making the picks for the Raiders any more. Jeudy has the best receiver skills in the draft. I think he will be a consistent, pro bowl caliber player throughout his career. That’s what I have the Raiders doing at 12.

PH: That is very true. The prerequisite of running 4.3 or faster is no longer in effect. Carr would finally have a threat at receiver since Amari Cooper decided to actually start trying in Dallas.

Now it's on to the NFC champions from last year, the San Francisco 49er's. Jimmy Garoppolo is another guy who could benefit from a big time receiver, but they have some more pressing needs in my eyes. Their defense is very good, but Richard Sherman isn't getting any younger and they could use some younger talent in that department. That's why I have them taking CJ Henderson, cornerback out of Florida.

They've always been a solid school for corners. Henderson only played in 9 games last season, but he did have 11 pass deflections and that's more than double his previous high. That could make a nice corner combo in San Fran.

LM: Adding him with Richard Sherman couldn’t hurt at all.

Next up we have the team that will have the most bandwagon fans since Kevin Durant went to Golden State. That would of course be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I’m already sick of all the New England Patriots ‘fans’ that are gonna say things like such as

“I’ll always support Tom."
“The Bucs have always been my second team.”
“I have family in Tampa so of course I’m rooting for them.”

Oh, and now they have Gronk too.

It already makes me want to puke.

The Bucs already are set with their pass catchers: Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and OJ Howard. We haven’t seen a bunch of Ronald Jones, but it looks like he’ll be their running back. They have to do everything they can to keep Tom Brady up-right. They have to go offensive line. I have them taking Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia.

He played both tackle spots at times in Athens. He’s a natural pass blocker. With some good coaching I see him becoming a really big part of their offensive line for both the short and the long term in Tampa.

PH: Protecting Brady has to be their top concern in Tampa. This is the most hyped I've seen them in a long time.

Next up we have the Denver Broncos. They appear to be starting the Drew Lock era in Denver, after having him sit behind Flacco and learn for a year. They need to get him another solid option to give to. So I see them taking CeeDee Lamb, WR from Oklahoma.

Putting him with Courtland Sutton and Noah Fant would make for a nice little trio to throw to for Lock. If Lock is their franchise guy, you have to give him the weapons. Lamb would be a welcomed asset.

LM: It feels like so long ago that the Broncos had a really good receiving corp. This will help them get back to that.

Next up we have the Atlanta Falcons. They have a good core with Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley and newly acquired Todd Gurley. I think they need some defensive help. They’ve gotten really unlucky with injuries over the last few years as well. I think they add to their defensive line with K'Lavon Chaisson, DE, LSU. 

He is probably the second best pass rusher in the draft. That would be an addition the Falcons defense really needs.

PH: Their offense will be scary next year, so going with a defensive presence like Chaisson is a good call.

Now it's time for one of the most anticipated (and most scrutinized) picks every year, the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas has a talented team with players like Zeke Elliott and Amari Cooper to go with a great offensive line. Their defense is loaded with some top talent too. It would take a long time to name all of them. I have them adding to that group with Xavier McKinney, Safety from Alabama.

The guy was all over the place last year with 95 tackles, 3 interceptions, 4 forced fumbles, and 3 sacks. That kind of versatility is welcomed anywhere and I think he'd be a good fit in Dallas.

LM: The number of Alabama players, specifically on the defensive side of the ball, that make it is staggering. Odds are he’ll at least be a solid pro.

Next up we have another pick for the Miami Dolphins. This is the pick they got after Minka Fitzpatrick forced his way out, and transformed the Pittsburgh defense in the process. They got rid of a lot of their top tier talent players, and they didn’t have that many to begin with. Of course I wouldn’t be surprised if this pick ends up being moved to move up either with this pick or a package of picks. If they keep this pick I have them going with Antoine Winfield Jr., S, Minnesota.

He was a key piece of a Minnesota defense that was really good in the Big Ten. He is a smaller player. I don’t think he will quite be the level of Tyrann Mathieu, but I see Winfield as being maybe a slightly lesser version of him with his versatility.

PH: Even a lesser version of Honey Badger is better than most players. If Winfield pans out to that, then it's a win.

Following Miami is the Las Vegas Raiders for their 2nd pick of this first round. You had them taking wide receiver, Jerry Jeudy with their first pick. Now I have them addressing the other side of the ball with this pick but selecting Kristian Fulton, CB from LSU.

Before his Senior year, the most games he started in a year was 7. He started 15 his Senior year and had 14 pass deflections in those games. A very good number, even though he only managed to snag 1 interception. Regardless of that, he was still a disruptor in the passing game and would be a nice get for the Raiders.

LM: Next up we have the Jacksonville Jaguars. This is the pick they got from the LA Rams in the Jalen Ramsey deal.

After going defense with their first pick in this world; I have them going offense with their second first round pick. I have them going with Henry Ruggs III, WR, Alabama.

The Jags have one standout wide out in DJ Chark who’s a bigger guy at 6-4. Ruggs comes in at 5-11 with big play ability that has shades of DeShaun Jackson. He ran a 4.27 40, and honestly If he’s still around at this point in the draft I would be surprised.

PH: I like the idea of getting Gardner Minshew another good, young receiver to throw to. That would be fun to watch.

Now we have the Philadelphia Eagles. On paper, their offense looks pretty set so I have them adding to their defense by selecting Kenneth Murray, LB from Oklahoma.

Looking at their defense, linebacker seems to be their biggest need and Murray has been all over the field. He finished with 102 total tackles this year, 17 for a loss, and 4 sacks. This wasn't a fluke either because in 2018 he had 155 tackles, 12.5 for a loss, and 4.5 sacks. He would be a problem for opposing offenses.



Next up we have the Minnesota Vikings. A team that has been close over the last few seasons. Even making the NFC Title game with Case Keenum. I think they get another weapon for Kirk Cousins. I have them taking Justin Jefferson, WR, LSU.

As a part of the incredible LSU offense last year, Jefferson was a key cog in the passing game and his skills translate. He’s not the fastest guy, but he has great ball skills. I think a little faster Anquan Boldin would be an outstanding outcome for Justin Jefferson. Already a great supporting cast in Minnesota, and that will help that team make another postseason run next year.

PH: Now it's on to the New England Patriots, who are without Tom Brady for the first time since I've been watching football. Still crazy to think about. To be completely honest, I think that the only positions that aren't in play here for the Patriots are running back and the secondary as a whole. They have a lot to choose from, but I think they go with Brady's replacement and select Jordan Love, QB from Utah State. They don't have any other legitimate contenders as of now, so I think that's the route they take.

2018 was a great year for Love, throwing for over 3,500 yards and having 32 touchdowns is no small feat, and doing it at a smaller school like Utah State makes it that much more impressive. Numbers weren't quite as impressive last year, but that doesn't rule him out. He also wouldn't have to start immediately, which would be ideal with veterans like Brian Hoyer and Jarrett Stidham on the roster. This would give Love time to develop and learn the offense before being thrown right into everything.

LM: Wouldn’t be surprising to see the Patriots take a quarterback at all. The Pats did draft a quarterback pretty early even with Brady still there when they took Jimmy G in the second round in 2014.

Next we have the New Orleans Saints. The offense is pretty much set with all the weapons they have so I think they’ll go defense. I have them taking Patrick Queen, LB, LSU.

While the LSU offense got the lion share of the credit last season Queen was a clear bright spot on the Tigers defense. He had 16 tackles in the college football playoff games and should be a very consistent player at the next level.

PH: Right back at it is the Minnesota Vikings. Originally I had them taking a receiver here, but you were thinking the same with their last pick. So I have them taking Trevon Diggs, CB, Alabama.

Diggs has a big frame for a corner at 6'2" and he had good production for the Crimson Tide. He had 3 interceptions and a touchdown last year. Outside of Mike Hughes, the Vikings could definitely use some help at the cornerback position. Football runs in the family, as Trevon is the younger brother of former Viking, Stefon Diggs. We'll see if he has the same impact that his brother had.

LM: That would be interesting to see him be on the Vikings just a year after they traded his brother too.

We finally have the last of the three Miami Dolphins picks. We had them go QB and safety already. They have needs basically everywhere aside from corner. They need to add to the offensive line. I have them going with Josh Jones, OT, Houston.

Jones is a giant at 6’7 and 310 and was a mainstay at left tackle for the Cougars. There’s only so many players who can not only play left tackle but excel in that spot. I think Jones would be tremendous value for the Fins here at 26.

PH: As my high school coach would say, when in doubt draft linemen, and if Miami has a new QB under center, you'll need help to protect him.

Now it's the Seattle Seahawks, and they always show up strong. I debated going receiver here, but with all the sure-fire first rounders off the board, I think they go with A.J. Terrell, CB from Clemson.

He had 2 interceptions last year and 3 interceptions the year before, showing consistency in his ability to go get the ball. The Seahawks seem to do a great job at developing talent in the secondary, and he would team up with Shaquill Griffin, forming a very young, very talented, pairing at the cornerback position.

LM: Next we have the Baltimore Ravens. They had a spectacular season headlined by Lamar Jackson becoming an MVP. I think they look to add on their defense with Ross Blacklock, DT, TCU at pick 28.

He is great against the run and if nothing else will be a two down player in the NFL. If he develops he will be a top tier defensive tackle for years to come.

PH: Now we have arguably the biggest surprise of last season, the Tennessee Titans. Ryan Tannehill apparently just decided to start trying last year and was rewarded with a huge contract by the Titans and they are set on offense with weapons. I have them adding to their defense with Zack Baun, LB from Wisconsin.

He did have a diluted sample at the combine, but people close to the league don't think that it will make him fall much, if at all. He had incredible production his Senior season with 75 tackles, 19.5 for a loss, 12.5 sacks, and a pick six. He has the potential to be a steal in this spot.

LM: Maybe that diluted sample makes him fall out of the first round, but we will have to wait and see.

Next up we have the Green Bay Packers. If only we had a friend who is a massive Packers fan and is a part of a Green Bay Packers Podcast...Oh wait we do!

Dan Kotnik has his own Packers mock draft that can be seen here. (Free plug, you’re welcome Kotnik.)

Unluckily he had the Packers taking Patrick Queen who has already been selected in our mock draft. I think they look to add another weapon for Aaron Rodgers and company. I have them looking to add Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson.

Higgins joins the Clemson wide receivers who have been awesome in college and those skills should translate to the NFL. He didn’t exactly have big games in this season’s college football playoff games, but was banged up in those games. I see him being a multiple time pro bowler.

PH: Is he a Packers fan? I had no idea...anyways Higgins would be a good addition to that offense.

Now it's the San Francisco 49er's. That team took the biggest leap in the league last season, going from the 2nd worst team to making the Super Bowl. Can't ask for much more if you're a fan. With this pick I think they add to the defensive line yet again, selecting Neville Gallimore, DT from Oklahoma.

Gallimore took a step down from his 2018 campaign when he finished with 50 tackles, but last year he still had 29 tackles, 6 5 for loss, 4 sacks, and 2 forced fumbles. Adding to that already stout defense would make for a serious problem for opposing offenses. I could also see them going with a WR if one were to fall to them at the 31st pick.

LM: It’s hard to imagine that 49ers defensive line getting better so that thought is kind of scary.

To wrap up the first round, I’m going to go maybe more with my heart than what this team truly needs. This is of course the Kansas City Chiefs. Led by:

Their offense has been great since Mahomes officially took the reins. Aside from Mahomes they have a bunch of wideouts that can hurt you all over the field.

Yes, Damien Williams was good for them a lot of last year.

Yes, running back is a position that is becoming more and more disposable.

If anyone watched an Ohio State football game last year there was a few takeaways:

This defense (specifically Chase Young and Jeff Okduah) is really good.
Why didn’t Justin Fields start at Georgia?
JK Dobbins is the most important player on this offense, game-in and game out.

I have the Chiefs going with as Gus Johnson said it (I may or may not have started yelling this on big runs): “J.K. All Day!” I have them taking J.K Dobbins, Ohio State, RB.

He was so, so good for the Buckeyes last season. Aside from the bad calls and blowing a lead I really think if J.K. doesn’t get banged up in the game against Clemson they play LSU for a National Title. (Even while banged up he still had 174 yards against Clemson)

He had 2000+ yards last season as well.

Yeah running backs may have a short shelf life. Well unless you are…

I would take J.K. to end the first round of what has the potential to be the weirdest draft ever based on all the circumstances around the world right now.

Okay, Phil, we have the first round done. Now that that’s over with…

How many of these NFL coaches and GM’s are being introduced to a computer/tablet for the first time in their life?

Dave Gettleman has no idea how to use the internet.

PH: I mean a lot of them are probably fighting the transition into this digital world. Many of them don't want others to know how inadequate they are when it comes to technology. Matt Patricia uses a pencil on a laminated play sheet for crying out loud.

In all seriousness, I am expecting at least 1 blunder to occur, especially with all of the technology and the risk of connectivity issues. 

That will make it all the more interesting. Plenty of fans will initially think "There was a breach, there's no way the team is that clueless to take this guy!" I for one am here for it and I fully expect to be that guy.

LM: Patricia is such a fraud.

Gamblers have to be foaming at the mouth for all the gambling possibilities on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You have the normal gambling things like betting on if player ‘x’ will go top five, if player ‘y’ will be drafted later than pick six, if player ‘z’ is a first rounder. You have all those types of things to bet on for entertainment purposes only, of course.

But there’s so, so many things I’m sure bets can be placed on!

Off the top of my head: Things in the background of Roger Goodell’s basement background, how many glitches will there be in the first round, will the Bengals screw things up, how many players will announce who they were drafted by via Tik Tok, and how many kids/teenagers/IT people do we see actually working technology for the old, crusty coaches and GM’s who have never had to use the internet. It has the potential to be so, so interesting!

PH: Absolutely! I also think that this year will show that, even though the draft is a spectacle to see, people are interested to see who plays where. Don't get me wrong, the thousands of dollars spent by the prospects for the night of the draft alone is entertainment, but we are all interested to see who will be helping our teams and crossing our fingers that our division rivals make the head-scratcher pick of the draft. It's going to be a blast.

LM: I absolutely can’t wait. Before we go… Do you see the Lions taking a possible Matthew Stafford successor at some point?

PH: I don't believe that they take his successor, however it is possible that they take a developmental quarterback. They signed Chase Daniel in the off-season and he seems slated to be the backup for now.

I am 100% with you Lance and I cannot wait myself. I said it before and i'll say it again…we probably will only get a handful of these picks right between the two of us, but that is the fun part of the draft. Absolutely nobody has any idea what is going to happen.

LM: Gosh, Chase Daniel has made so much money without having to play all that much. He really has it all figured out.

Anyhow thanks to anyone who made it to this point of the post!

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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Post Draft Recap - LeBron League 2.0 - 2019

It actually hasn't been a while? How about that?!

Football is finally back! High school and college football came back last week and the NFL isn't far behind.

Did you guys know the Browns got Odell Beckham Jr? Some people might have missed it. I can't wait for the Browns season.

Well that is 'real' football at least. Today we are talking about Fantasy Football. I really do love fantasy football. I have been doing a yearly recap of this particular league (aside from last season, I was busy okay) for the last handful of years. The first one dates back to 2013. (Wait, 2013? Damn I'm getting old) The LeBron 2.0 league as it is called for reasons that defy logic. I don't know why the first one was called the LeBron league either. I'm not the commissioner; what do you want me to do? I can't deal with this guy:

Nothing too crazy about the details about this league. 10 teams, 0.5 PPR, you start a QB, 2 RB's, 2 WR, a TE, a FLEX, a defense and a kicker. I've been trying for several years to do a few things. One is eliminate kickers. Rooting for a kicker in an actual game sucks. Why would I want to do that in fantasy football too? Fantasy football should at its base be fun. Kickers can join Art Briles in hell.

The other thing I've mentioned before was to change the draft from snake format to an auction. This season is actually a great example, but you can make the argument pretty much every year. Let's say you're a Giants fan. First, I'm sorry. Second you probably love Saquon Barkley like he is a member of your family. Well unless the mythical ping pong balls bounce your way you won't get him on your team. Yes, I'm aware that there's no possible way for everyone to have him on their team. (Don't bring up daily fantasy to me. It's irrelevant in this argument.) My point is that if I really want him I can spend X amount of my allotted budget on him.

Have I ever actually done a fantasy auction? No.

Does it sound like fun? Hell yes it does.

Power hungry commissioner... Wait, I mean, Austin. Think about it.

Now let's take a look at the different teams in the league and see how they drafted.

Two things I don't care about. The defense and the kicker. Don't pick them higher than you have to. I don't want to waste time talking about those two spots. The Jags were picked stupid early last season and how did that go for you? (Note, they weren't as bad as I thought, still way too early for them though)

Let's look at Andre's team, team name - A Team Deserve No Name

My thoughts - Game of Thrones is over, bro. Let it go.

The starting lineup looks okay. Russell Wilson should be a top ten qb as he usually is. The price tag was a bit higher on James Conner this season but he will do well in Pittsburgh. I really like Kerryon Johnson. Hopkins is incredible. Chris Godwin is meh. I guess someone has to catch the ball in Tampa Bay. Ertz is one of the top three tight ends. Tyler Boyd is also meh to me. Someone has to catch whatever Andy Dalton attempts to throw. Ha, Andy Dalton.

His bench is alright. Lindsay could be a flex play certain weeks and a good fill-in during the byes. Does Robby Anderson think that hair looks good or? Murray has a clear role in New Orleans. Corey Davis has the potential to be a breakout candidate, again.  Larry Fitzgerald is about as steady as they come. Henderson will be the change of pace back with the Rams so he has a low ceiling but a high floor.
I think he has a good but not great team.

Grade for Andre - B-

Let's look at Brian's team, team name - In My Thielens

My thoughts - Well the first thing that sticks out to me is starting Jimmy G over Aaron Rodgers. 

You don't draft Rodgers as high as you do to not start him. I don't care if the Bears have a good defense. Start him. 

This team screams oh sh*t. Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown on the same team again. Bell could be incredible and there's a decent chance he is, but with all the drama that has surrounded Antonio Brown I'm not touching him this year. (As I was editing this it comes out that he got in an altercation and may get suspended) It's one thing after another and he hasn't played a real game yet. Josh Jacobs has a lot of upside though. Thielen is really good. I'm surprised Kyle Rudolph still is with the Vikings. DJ Moore had some flashes last year.

On the bench you should have Jimmy G. That is if you really want two QB's. Singletary should be the lead back in Buffalo with McCoy ousted. DK Metcalf probably won't do much this season and he's already been banged up. I love Carlos Hyde. Like as I do any former Ohio State running back. There's something you should know about him though. He's not very good anymore. -ducks-

Chris Thompson has some value as a pass catcher. DeSean Jackson might still have a good game or two, but will you know when they will be? No. Because no one does. Terry McLaurin is a good flier who could have value in Washington.

Grade for Brian - C-

Let's look at Kevin's team, team name - Deshaun What Son!!! (What are you yelling about?)

My thoughts - Am I missing the joke with his team name or is it just stupid? (Edit, he changed it after I took the screen shot.)

I think Watson will have a big season. I don't like all the things I've heard about Gurley. Lots of things concerning his knees. With where he's been selected in most drafts I don't think I would ever end up with him. Chris Carson is alright. He is helped by how often Seattle runs. Julio is insane. Amari Cooper became more of who we thought he could be once he got moved to Dallas. Jared Cook. Ugh, I'm tired of this guy. If anyone can do something good over a whole season it would be Drew Brees but good luck. Duke Johnson is an okay flex play. Who know exactly what he will do though in his first season in Houston.

On the bench Marvin Jones is an overqualified bench receiver. Curtis Samuel could have value. I think I have made my thoughts clear on Dak Prescott. (I don't think he is good at football) Gallup could maybe have value this year. Ditto for Sutton. Why in the hell do you have three tight ends. Pick your favorite and drop the other two. You're wasting bench spots.

Starters are fine but the bench isn't utilized well.

Grade for Kevin - B-

Let's look at Austin's team, team name - Lil Weeb, again I guess.

My thoughts - Oh here we go again, commish.

Starters look pretty solid. I don't trust Cam. I love Cam, but he's always hurt. David Johnson still had a good fantasy season with all the crap going on with the Cardinals. Joe Mixon same kind of thing with the Bengals. I like Cooks more as a two than as a one. The Rams just spread things around so well. Lockett is the best pass catcher on a team that doesn't throw as much as they probably should. Evan Engram is the best pass catcher for the Giants. Not like that's saying much but still. Derrick Henry has to be one of the most frustrating fantasy players ever. You start him and he sucks. You bench him and he goes off. Ugh.

On the bench you have another one of the most frustrating fantasy players ever in Josh Gordon. I'm a Browns fan. Enough said there. Breida could get some work in this season but I feel like that's a running back by committee situation. Will Fuller got hurt as I typed this. Having Brady as a back up is fine, but you probably only play him when Watson is on a bye. I would use that bench spot for someone else. Ditto for not having Walker on the bench. Sanu is probably only going to be a factor in fantasy if people get hurt around him in Atlanta.

Grade for Austin - C

Let's look at Jon Oh's team, team name - Your Girl Diggs My JuJu

My thoughts -

I really like his starters. The only issue with Wentz has been health. Granted that's a big concern, but I think he will have a great season. McCaffrey is a top five back. Cook has injury issues too, but he could have a big season with their new offense. I feel like I'm more bullish on JuJu than others are. I feel like people are just expecting him to be the next Antonio Brown when Brown (as crazy as he is) is a generational talent. I think he's good; I don't think he's THAT good. Kittle is one of the top three tight ends. White is a good flex play.

The bench could be utilized better. You have one of the best tight ends. Don't worry about carrying another one. In a ten team league you also don't need a back up QB or a back up defense. Shepard could have value because who else catches passes for the Giants? Coleman may be the lead back with the 49ers, but like I said earlier I think it will be more of a timeshare.

Grade for Jon Oh - Starters B+, Bench D

Let's look at Ben's team, team name - Bruce Jenners Balls, again apparently.

My thoughts - 

I mean having Mahomes is a good start to any team. Yeah QB's are very under valued in fantasy because there are so many good ones, but getting Mahomes in the third round is fine by me. I wonder if Ben is a Georgia fan looking at his running backs. Chubb is going to be a workhorse at least for the first half of the season. Maybe that changes when Kareem Hunt is off his suspension, but he has Hunt too so that could work out nicely given how hyped the Browns offense is. Tyreek Hill as long as he's on the field is a threat to go off every week. TY Hilton loses some value going from Luck to Brissett. Hunter Henry is just another guy in the tight end class outside of the top three. Mack is okay. Probably being a flex will be fine depending on the week.

On the bench he has some good fliers. If AJ Green gets healthy he's a top ten wide out. Sanders has been good in the past. Maybe there's a chance he gets back to what he has been at times. I personally don't think Penny is very good. He's no Lane or Hardaway. I already mentioned Hunt. Pettis has some upside. As does Lamar Jackson. Although you're only playing him once or twice with Mahomes on your team. Richard is eh.

Grade for Ben - B-

Let's look at Danny's team, team name - Barkley's Bakery

My thoughts - 

I didn't know Saquon opened up a bakery but at least it's better than his name from the last season. 

Last year his name was 'Lincoln Bluebones'. 

It's the worst fantasy football team name I've ever heard. 

Team Last Name is better than Lincoln Bluebones. I will never let you hear the end for using that name at any point in your lifetime. Before that he was the Blue Sea Unpackers. The second worse team name in the history of fantasy football.

Over the seasons I have used this blog in regards to this fantasy football draft recap to poke holes at Danny and say funny things. This time will be much different:

Ha! Did I fool you? No? Eh, let's continue and look at the actual team. (no promises) 

I'm a Browns fans so there will be no Baker Mayfield negativity here. Barkley stud. Duh. Ingram is okay as an RB2. Allen is awesome. Jeffery may not live up to expectations but he's still the top receiver in Philly. Kelce is one of the top three tight ends. Allen Robinson could be startable (is that a word? Don't care), but I'm not too sure. 

Calvin Ridley is a good bench wide out. I may start Drake over Ingram. At least to start the year. I think Drake is better than Ingram, but Ingram is on a better team. Christian Kirk is okay. So is Cohen, and Barber, and Williams. I don't enjoy saying it, but I think he drafted well. Because of that here are some of my favorite pictures of Danny I have used in these blogs over the last few years. 

Why did you button the top button without a tie?

I hope LSU stomps Texas this weekend.

Here are some other ones that are too funny not to post:

Believe it or not the last one is from 2018.

Grade for Danny - B+

Let's look at Joe's team, team name - Team Space Force

My thoughts - 

Solid starters for Joe. Matty Ice is always relable. Alvin Kamara is a beast. Freeman has cooled of from the back he used to be, but he's still a good number two back. I think Mike Evans has a big year with the new offense in Tampa. Robert Woods is solid but I've already talked about all the mouths to feed in LA between Gurley, Kupp, Cooks and Woods at the least. McDonald is eh. Golladay is a good flex play and probably more reliable than Woods.

Bench, ummmm. You drafted Drew Brees? My pro tip is you start Drew Brees. Unless he is on a bye. Watkins is a good back up considering what is always a possibility with Tyreek Hill. Valdes-Scantling has a chance to do something playing with Aaron Rodgers, but I don't see him doing anything worth while in a ten team league. Jordan Howard is apart of a crowded backfield in Philly. Golden Tate got suspended for trying to start a family.  Pollard is a good stash for now. Zeke getting paid hurts that value. Get outta here with Danny Amendola.

Grade for Joe - C+

Let's look at Josh Bohn's team, team name - Davante's Inferno

My thoughts - 

I really like his team. I don't love Goff as my starting QB, but he's fine. Jones should be fine. Ekeler isn't Melvin Gordon. It looks like it's not quite going to be the Austin Ekeler show while Gordon is holding out, but Ekeler looks to benefit the most. Adams is a stud. Edelman is a fine wide out number two especially with it being .5 PPR. OJ Howard is fine. Cooper Kupp is a great flex play.

On the bench, he has Zeke. When we drafted (Labor Day) there wasn't any Zeke news. But if Zeke is active week one you start him week one. Mike Williams is a high end backup. Miles Sanders could break out in Philly. James Washington could be the number two guy in a good Pittsburgh offense (typing that hurt my soul). I'm tired of hearing, "This is the year Donte Moncrief does something worth a damn." Hines is an okay backup. You can drop Rivers. If you want him that much he will probably be available when Goff has a bye.

Grade for Josh - A-

Now let's look at my team, team name - Lance's Lobos

Thoughts on my draft - I think I had a pretty good draft. Duh.

At QB I pretty much always wait so I got Kyler Murray pretty late. If he sucks? Oh well. I drop him and grab a new QB. If he's good? I have a steal.

I waited on running back because of how the draft fell to me. I had the last pick and on the turnaround there wasn't a back I loved so I went ODB and Michael Thomas. I think Montgomery could be really good as Chicago's lead back. Fournette is great whenever he actually gets on the field. We were robbed of seeing Derrius Guice as a true rookie because of injury. He had a bunch of hype in 2018. If he's that kind of player then I'm very much in luck.

Darren Waller is a dart throw. I've watched most of Hard Knocks and this guy has been through hell. There's a chance he's awesome. There's a chance he never does anything. If he doesn't do anything for too long I'll drop him and grab a new tight end.

Maybe Melvin Gordon does what Le'Veon Bell did last season. If he does play this year then the odds are he will be good. I didn't draft him too early in my eyes. I got him in like the sixth round. I didn't draft him to be a starter.

I essentially have the Kansas City running game between Damien Williams and End Game Spoiler. I kind of have a thing for Andy Reid running backs.

Jarvis Landry will have a key role in the Browns offense. Will I ever start him? Possibly.

Dede Westbrook could be the top wide out with the Jags

There's been rumblings about Ballage for the past two seasons. Maybe something comes of it. Maybe I drop him soon.

There's been some solid buzz around Anthony Miller too. He could be the top guy at receiver in Chicago at some point this season.

There you guys go. That's why I drafted how I did and how I feel about the way people in my league drafted. 

Nobody's perfect, but it's all about having fun!

No grade on my own team but how do you guys think I did?

Feel free to leave a comment below or talk to me on Twitter!

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